Occurred: 2012-01-22 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2015-03-25 13:28 Pacific
Duration: Minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: Redmond, OR, USA

Shape: Unknown

Back in 2011-2013, I was watching a Video on YouTube where someone mentioned that if you shine a really Bright Light into the Sky in a Rapid Motion in the middle of the Nite that it would attract UFO's.

Well, I did just that, I used my Motorola Electrify Cell Phone that had an App that let's you use the LED Function as a Flashlight and I went outside my House between the Hours of 10:00 PM-4:00 AM and I moved the Light side to side in a Rapid Motion like a Machine would do and the next thing I knew something Popped Up from behind my Neighbors Fence which was about 20 Feet away, the Neighbors were asleep as their Patio Lights were off and House Lights were off.

This thing looked like a Brown Skinned Alien, it's Head was slim, I couldn't make out the Details, like the Color of it's Eyes, ect, cause I normally wear Glasses and I didn't have it on, but I knew it wasn't Human for the fact that you'd think if it was my Neighbor he'd turn the Light on and/or I'd see him walk from his Backdoor towards the Fence, but whatever this thing was it just "Popped Up" like a Jack in the Box would just Pop right up, it stared at me for maybe 5-10 seconds, then as fast as it Popped Up it went strait down and ran through the Bushes of my Neighbors Backyard. I wasn't scared, but more like in shock that anything was going to happen like it did, I wanted to take a Picture, but I figured by the Time I click this & that on my Cell Phone it would most likely be gone and sure enough, less than 10 Seconds it went. I tried another Nite to do it again, to see if anything would happen again, but nothing, that was the first Time in my Life something like that ever happened to me.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2015-03-26

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