NUFORC Sighting 117149

Occurred: 2015-02-01 20:30 Local
Reported: 2015-02-03 23:40 Pacific
Duration: 30 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

10 Red-Fiery Lights with Red flame-like-flares coming from the sides flew over San Jose, California 95111

The moon was bright and it was a cloudless night. I was in my hot tub just looking at the stars and there appeared a round red fiery light with red flame-like flares coming from the sides of the UFO. It was traveling in a straight line from the West going East. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen in the sky. As I watched it travel across the sky, I was wishing I had my camera.

To my great surprise, right before the UFO disappeared, another UFO came into view following the same path as the first one. It was exactly the same, flying the same speed and everything. I yelled louder and louder for my wife to come outside. She came outside half dressed to see what I was yelling about. She saw the UFO and was greatly amazed also. She went back into the house and got her camera and started taking shots of the UFO’s. I went into the house also and got my camera so I could try and get some shots. I was able to shoot about 50 shots but only some came out. I do have some interesting shots even if they are not great. My wife took about 10 shots and some of hers came out good also.

It was very amazing because the UFO’s kept on coming out of the West. As soon as one got about three-quarter of the way across the sky another one would show up. There were a total of 9 or 10 UFO’s that flew over my house. At one point it appeared that one of the UFO’s stopped and the other one that was following started catching up. One of the craft appeared to be higher in the sky as they got closer to each other. The closes they got together was about the distance of two moons apart, then they move on and disappeared. At one time I could see three UFO’s all in a row traveling the same path then one would wink out and the the next one would disappear and so on. It seems some of the craft had different spacing that others. They were not all the same distance apart as they traveled across the sky.

This happened between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM on Sunday February 1, 2015, above San Jose, California 95111 USA. In general the UFO’s were a round shape. The craft was round and the red fiery like flames were toward the front on both sides and also toward the rear on both sides.

The UFO’s came out of the West (Pacific Ocean), they were traveling almost due East (East Coast) The first 5 or 6 UFO’s all had a “halo” of red-flame-like-flares coming from the front sides of and the rear sides of the round body of the craft. All craft followed the same course West to East and also about the same path (a straight line across the sky) There were no commercial planes in the sky that I could see during this time The moon was very bright it seemed I almost needed sunglasses The red glow of the craft got brighter as they came from the West and when they were three-quarters of the way across the sky they were the brightest.

When they passed the three-quarters mark they started losing their glow and soon winked out and were gone.

It seem they all disappeared in about the same part of the sky My photos were taken with a Nikon D800 with AF-S Nikkor 23-120 mm 1:4 G ED lens about 50 photos My wife’s photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix P510 Nikkor 42X Wide Optical Zoom ED V 4.3 - 180mm 1:3-5.9 lens

The craft had different distances between them As I looked to the South the crafts were traveling West to East below Orion’s Belt and below the moon’s position in the sky I will submit Photos as soon as I figure out how (on February 4th, 2015)

Posted 2015-02-06

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