NUFORC Sighting 11650

Occurred: 2000-01-08 17:00 Local
Reported: 2000-01-10 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-4 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Kent/Warren (between; on Rte 341), CT, USA

Shape: Changing
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object

While driving, saw an unusually large bright triangular light in the distant sky; upon slowing, it appeared above as a grouping of bright lights.

While driving on Route 341 between Kent, CT and Warren, CT, I noticed an unusually large and bright white light in the sky above a low-lying hill/mountain located to the north. The sky was still somewhat light from the daylight. I continued to drive, glancing at the light for a few minutes, at which point I realized that it was too large to be a star and/or a planet (and probably still too early in the evening to even make out a star/planet). The light was shaped like a triangle with rounded corners, and there was a slight illumination around the outside. It was not moving, but stationery. As I continued to drive, I pondered what it could possible be, thinking that it might be a weather balloon or perhaps a helicopter of some sort. I slowed my car to really focus in on it. And then just stopped. All of sudden, it was directly above my car, clearly visable from the driver's side window. The movement from the distance was undiscernable, and as to whether I really saw movement or not is beyond me. The object that was above me was made up of maybe 10 or 11 very large bright white lights -- kind of like klieg lights -- maybe six of which arced around one side of it, and the others staggering away from the arc -- I believe these ones were a bit smaller. Almost like an arrow with a rounded point. (It would be best to show it drawn.) The lights were so bright, that it was impossible to see what they were attached to. It lingered above me in the sky. I turned off the radio and unrolled the window to see if I could hear anything. There was no sound. Realizing that I was stopped in the middle of the road (dangerous), I continued on the road for about 15 seconds to the nearest intersection, where I pulled off and immediately got out of the car. Whatever it was that I had seen was no where to be seen. After studying the sky for a minute or so, I got back in the car and drove back in the direction I had come from to see if I could find it again. Nothing. Continued on my way (stopping in the town of L! itchfiel d) to meet a friend of mine in Waterbury for the evening. While telling her about what I had seen, the color left her face. During the afternoon, she had received a call (she thought it was around 3pm or 3:30pm) at the newspaper from a male who had witnessed a similar event with a friend while leaving the Home Depot. For natural reasons, this added validity to what I had experienced. This morning (Monday, January 10), I contacted the FAA, who directed me to the UFO reporting center. If you would like to contact me, I have provided my work phone number (thus, a collect call would probably not go over real well...). I would be more than willing to speak to someone at my expense if a mutually agreeable time could be arranged.

Posted 2000-01-22

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