Occurred: 2014-12-09 06:40 Local
Reported: 2014-12-09 15:27 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 4

Location: Meadowview, VA, USA

Shape: Triangle

My husband and teen sons were driving on I81 towards Bristol, about a 2 miles past the Glade Spring exit, and saw from a distance an what at first we thought was a plane because of the lights. The lights were red and white. The white light was stationary where the red light was blinking.

Getting closer to the object, we could all instantly tell it wasn't an airplane because it was hovering, closer to the ground than a plane would be, not moving just appeared to be floating in the air. Not moving.

It was still dark so we were unable to tell the color but could make out its triangular shape as we were passing it. We continued to watch it hover until we were no longer able to see it. We were perplexed and and haven't a clue of what it was that could be at its size and hovering the way it was. If it wasn't for the hovering we would have never thought anything of it. It was to large to be a drone.The exact size I can't say,but was larger than a single engine plane.


No, my phone is out of mins it is a prepaid phone. I am sorry for the confusion. This is my email address. I did receive your email yesterday, I didn't know I was to reply to the email. I promise that this wasn't a hoax. But understand that you have to take every report with a grain of salt and weave out any misleadings. I again am sorry.


Posted 2014-12-12

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