NUFORC UFO Sighting 11461

Occurred: 1999-12-21 22:20 Local
Reported: 1999-12-22 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Onodaga twp., MI, USA

Shape: Diamond
Characteristics: Lights on object

I was coming home at aproximately 10:25 on Bellevue Highway in Eaton county at the southeastern tip of the county where the southwestern tip for ingham county begins. As I crossed over the county line I saw an object in the sky.

As I crossed the county line I saw what appeared to be two blue lights in the sky to my left. At first I dismissed them as an airplane, but apon closer observation it did not appear to be lights to an air plane. It seemed to be moving to slow, and the wingspan seemed a lot bigger than any airplane I had ever seen. The two blue lights were on both ends of the object. I proceeded down the road watching this object in the sky. It came from the southwest out of Jackson county. This area is farm and woods, within a few miles of a tri county junction. Eaton, Ingham, and Jackson Counties all come together in this area. It came in from Jackson County in the southwest sky. Slowly moved in at about 25-30 miles an hour. I watched and tried to figure out what it was. I then thought it looked like a helicopter, carrying some kind of lighted shaft or tube. similar to what is used for major construction for setting or carrying posts. but I had never seen one at night and no post I had ever seen had lights on it.As I approached tucker road it was just starting to clear some trees and coming across an open field. I noticed it was moving very slow and was only about 35-40 feet above the tops of the trees. I was driving by the open field whatching and saw that it was not a Helicopter but it appeared to be one solid peice as though the shaft or tube was not being carried but was actually part of the object. it was about as wide as an airplaine is long but skinny in the middle. It did not move straight through the air but actually sideways. From looking at it from underneath of it was shaped like a crooked star. Realy long sideways but all ends pointed with a tube sticking out of the middle pointing at the ground. At the top of it it seemed to be a dome type lid that was poited ontop. It actually resembled a cigar tube that was pointed on each end, that had some kind of tube or shaft on the bottom and had apointed dome shaped top. It had a light on the top of it that resembled a search light but it did not point in any! one dir ection it seemed to be cicling the top and wasnt like a spot light, it just seemed to glow bright. On the bottom shaft that pointed at the ground there were blue and white lights that appeared to be stationary and did not move. however on the side of the object there was a very bright red light thatmoved from bottom of the center pieceto the bottom of toppiece it would move up disapear reapear on the bottom move up and disapear and continued doing so for the entire time I whatched it. I was able to get a very good look at the object since it flew directly above the hood of my car. It floated slowly across a field to the right of me. It headed toward Ingham county on a direct path. By this time I had already stopped the car. I rolled down the window andbrought half my body out of the driver side window and looked across the roof of the car and watched as it flew past the next tree line. I never heard an engine or anythin coming from the object. I have a very quite car and that was all I could hear everything was practically silent. I got back in and started driving slowly owards home going farther into eaton county as it made its way into ingham. I contimplated since it was moving so slow to turn back around and follow it but when I turned around to look at it again it was gone.

Posted 2000-01-07

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