Occurred: 1999-11-11 16:50 Local
Reported: 1999-12-10 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 8.5 min
No of observers: 4

Location: Keasbey {Woodbridge}, NJ, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Aircraft nearby



The witness was kind enough to send a copy of the tape to a national television corporation, which forwarded it to us for inspection.

Our analysis indicates that the anomalous objects are normal contrails behind jet aircraft preparing to land to the north at Neward, NJ, airport. The well known UFO investigator/skeptic, Phillip Klass, we have been told, reached the same conclusion from having inspected an identical tape sent to him.

Hence, this report of rapture appears to us to be premature.))


On 11-11-1999 I went outside to look at the sunset, as I did I saw luminous patches of sky. I went inside to get the 35 mm camera. I came outside and took some shots of the bright lights in the sunset. Now these lights were more like pieces of sky, like sheets. I quickly ran out of film so I went inside to get the videocamera. When I came bacl out there was a sphere type ufo over my neighbors house in the distance. I started to film. While I was filming it another ufo appeared in the frame from nowhere. It appears as a small dot and grows ito a cigar shaped ufo, clouded or encased in mist. The Cigar and the sphere are under fire. There are small very fast moving spheres running from right to left perfectly horizontal. The two ships fire a weapon at these ultra high speed spheres. Now, these spheres were not visible to the naked eye, only visible when the tape is played back and only clear in a frame by frame view. The cigar ship that is above and to the left of the atationary sphere spits out a long silver thread shimmering like snail trails. then the snail trail blows up to become another ship. The three form an isoceles triangle. The two cigar ships are changing color from green to red. Upon close examination of the avi file you can see the ship change color as it charges it's weapon the green flashes are charge up and the red is discharge. Remember I have the videotape proving every word I write. The craft fires a green plasma ball. The green balls of energy deflect the ultra high speed spheres the spheres come in two colors black and white. After a few moments of shooting like crazy the amount of ultra fast spheres decrease. Then Huge patches of a Luminous substance is manifested right out of thin air. These patches are like the ones I first took the photos of. Then several large patches of Luminous "Stuff" gets sucked into the bottom of the extraterrestrial craft from the bottom. Now you must think I am making this up. But I have the tape. It was made with my Son and my Daughter present. In the middle of the tape my wife comes home from work and finds us on the porch with the camera. This is not a joke! This is the most seious footage that has even been acquired. You can see stills here:URL deleted)) Theere you will also find a copy of the letter sent to the President and Vice President as wellas to all 100 U.S. Senators. These craft have the ability to appear out of nowhere. They do it without warning. They are laying down suppressive fire during some type of extraction process. They are performing some unknown business in our atmosphere. This is an EXTREMELY BIG deal. BUT! If you don't come to my aid, by viewing and questioning and doing your part. The extraterrestrials that so want to meet us will be even further delayed. It's that simple! When will we be ready! If you are ready write me. We here in New Jersey need to fight for recognition of this reality. I have the undisputable daylight video! On 12-13-99 deleted)) news is coming over to film the area in preparation for a live broadcast on Thursday. The Senior Correspondent is name deleted)), and he will be doing the interview. Stand Tall Folks, now is the time. I have had this footage for some days now and it has modified my perspective as it has to ALL who have seen it! The video trancends language and speaks to the higher self of every individual. Now yes those who would believe nothing will not believe this either, but that will make it easier for you to push them away before the explode and get you all messy. Those who doubt will be swayed by this. But those who actively participate in diss- information, and in just being an eternal detractor will be destroyed by this tape. This tape "IS" the truth. The "TRUTH" is no longer out there, it's in you and this tape will bring it out! And allow you to have pride in your inner knowlege. Knowing without proof is faith but knowing with proof is cake! Throwing away things that are "NOT" cake....well in that there can be no loss when the rest is all cake! I hope you can understand that. I am: Name deleted)) {Woodbridge} NJ Pax Humana

Posted 2000-01-22

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