NUFORC UFO Sighting 113732

Occurred: 2014-09-20 22:45 Local
Reported: 2014-09-21 01:54 Pacific
Duration: ~3 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Bothell, WA, USA

Shape: Unknown

Object(s) in night sky Bothell, WA, Nov 20, 8:45PM.

At about 22:45 in Bothell, WA, I was on my back deck and saw numerous objects (I believe 6) fly overhead. They had no lights but were clearly visible I'm assuming due to the city lights below. They looked silverish-gray but that is probably the city light reflecting off them. They were in a "V" formation. One in front, two directly behind the first, and 3 behind the two. The row with three, the one on the far right was off centered however. Appeared to be pulling away from the others but I can't be sure as I only saw the objects for a few seconds before they went over the tree line. There was no sound at all. I cannot give an exact altitude but I'm guessing 1000-2000 feet due to the speed across the sky. Basically west to East. If they were at 10,000 feet they would have been the size of jumbo jets and going at least mach 4 or 5 so my assumption is much lower altitude. Again, no sound at all which is not possible if it was a low-flying (or high flying) formation of jets. I cannot guarantee they were separate objects as it's a pitch black night sky, but it appeared they were, as one was out of formation. My first thought was maybe a big drone but the speed was too fast and the off-centeredness does not make sense. I'm sure others saw what I saw too as it's a populated area. Very strange and never seen anything like it.


Sorry it was 22:45 (10:45 pm)...give or take 10 mins



Sorry it was 9/20. A few hours before I sent the email. I live by an International airport and within 25 miles of two Boeing airports so I see a lot of aircraft flying around. Also seen Blue Angels many of times and it did look like an Angel formation, very close together. But if what I saw was military aircraft, judging by the size they would have been around 10,000 feet, flying very fast and there would have been sound. Was completely silent.



We suspect that report is a hoax. Date is flawed, and source has failed to respond to our e-mailed messages. We have changed the date. PD

Posted 2014-09-25

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