Occurred: 1997-08-25 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-12-09 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Jay Co. into Wells Co. (550w, extending from), IN, USA

Shape: Disk

we were going north on county road 550w i jay county,and the road number changes at the county line,but i don`t know what it changes to. i looked up to the sky,and there it was,just like some that others have seen. i asked my son if he believed in ufo`s,and he said no,i told him to look,but he wouldn`t. my two grandsons were in the back of the pickmup truck and they saw it.it looked dull,like brished alumin,and it spun,no noise,and was going very fast.it just dissappeared.

this is a hot spot for ufo sightings.we are out in the boonies.i have spotted many over the 25 years we have been here. it is not wishful thinking,this is for real.iwould have to fill out many forms to report all of my sightings.the saucer was beautiful. it didn`t seem to be doing any harm.it was like two streamlined pieplates turned face to face to form the disk.it was spinning at a high rate of speed.i never carry a camera,so i really can`t prove anything and who is gonna believe two kids and their old grandma?there have been a lot of sightings reported to the jay county sherrif`s department,but they can only do so much.there is a woman in portland who has telescopes and she saw an object one night,and i saw it too.her report was in the paper. i called her and we were seeing the same things.

Posted 2002-09-13

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