Occurred: 2014-08-16 04:00:00 Local
Location: Wilmington, NC, USA
Shape: Orb
Duration: 3 hours
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2014-08-17 13:46:52 Pacific
Posted: 2014-08-22 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Seven white (sometimes orangish ) orbs spotted off coast of Wrightsville beach - One very active and rippling with colors

Date : Saturday/August 16th/2014 Time span : From approximately 4 a.m. to approximately 7 a.m.

Where : Wrightsville Beach.

What we (my best friend and I) witnessed: We walked out on the beach and stood by the water and immediately saw 3 bright orbs of light.. what I originally tried to explain to my friend as Mars, Jupiter or Venus.. one of them, further off in the distance to the right started moving to the right.

I watched to see if it was a plane or chopper (The ENTIRE 3 hours there were no sounds of any type of craft – only the sound of the beach break )and then noticed it’s unearthly/unrecognizable gliding/ propulsion/velocity.

We then noticed that it had a random wave of flashing lights amidst the bright white light. It was scouting/scanning an area of what appeared to be about a 2 miles or so left to right – sometimes making erratic motions.. but mostly hovering at times and then accelerating rapidly – immediately from the point of motionless – to the left or right/ then smoothly and rapidly moving in horizontal directions.

We stood – mouths agape – for about 20 minutes staring at this floating object .. and then it occurred to me to observe the other bright lights that were in the sky – because I know that ships have been spotted in clusters – and to my astonishment - I saw the very same thing off to the right in the sky – closer and more above our heads – closer to the coastline. I exclaimed “look! There’s another one!! “and then looked off to the left where we had originally seen what I had thought to be Venus and Jupiter or Mars. They were closer to each other than the other ones were. They also, were both moving – side to side – left to right in their respective areas. Each UFO was in their own area. Each one was scouting/scanning/moving in their different width of the sky. The third one we spotted and also the first one we noticed moving – had the largest scope of movement.

It appeared to cover 2 or 3 miles left to right in the sky. Whilst the second we saw off to the right and closer to the shoreline was more like a mile or so to the left and right and sometimes moved in an oval shape. Then the other two (the first two originally seen) I studied next. They were also moving in what appeared to be their own individual parts of the sky (much closer together than the others)…with a back and forth / left to right/ sometimes oval movement. I would like to note also that they all appeared at some time or another to move diagonally through the sky and then horizontally – immediately after moving diagonally!! They all made movements of a nature that I have never before seen in my life.

There were also extremely bizarre cloud formations to the left. Not a cloud or star elsewhere in the sky. Except for massive/ massive clouds that appeared strikingly as an angel / kneeling /head bent / holding an open book. Very distinct crisp cloud formation – as if a large picture drawn. The massive “wings “of the angel were a different type of cloud. This cloud formation hovered for an hour in one spot over the sky. People brought chairs out to sit and watch it. Surfers stood and pointed at it.

Seven of these orbs were spotted in all. There was a bright light over our heads and it was moving in the same fashion as the other ones. It was the only one that appeared to move – back and forth – in a very small space of the sky…whilst one off over the water moved back and forth in a large area. That one rippled with colors – almost like the phosphorescence that underwater creatures have. What appeared to be an odd form of twinkling we believe to be a fading and rippling effect. These orbs all disappeared gradually at different times. They would just disappear. Their brightness and intensity did not seem to be hindered or fade away as the sun rose. They just vanished one by one.

The last one ever seen was the one we had noticed movement from originally (the third one spotted). It seemed to be more active – color wise for some reason – than the others. Maybe it was closer to us than the others. The ones directly over the shoreline- over our heads - just appeared to be bright white light…whilst said orb over the ocean was bright white but with waving colors.

All of these seemed to be about a mile and a half to two miles high in the sky. Four of the orbs appeared to be in a diamond formation.

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