NUFORC Sighting 11166

Occurred: 1999-11-28 00:20 Local
Reported: 1999-11-28 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 4-5 Seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: North Miami, FL, USA

Shape: Other

At just past midnight, I observed what appeared to be a small steady white light (no blinking, no green or red); it could have also been a reflection of ambient ground lights against the body of the craft. I've satellites at twilight in space, this was not a satellite. This was within the atmosphere (2500 FT up) NO sound. It moved from NW to SE at very high rate of speed. Faster than any craft I've ever observed.

The craft appeared as a single steady white light against a clear sky. Other craft have flown at the same approximate height and higher, including jets and travel at much slower speeds, additionally they all have some blinking or colorized light which is observable. This caught my attention because of the steady FAINT white light (or reflection) AND the speed AND the silence. Things were pretty quite just after midnight! Yet this craft made NO sound and crossed my field of view within 3-4 seconds. I could NOT decipher any shape whatsoever. The light was oblong and at arms length from my distance of view and about the size of an aspirin, although it was not in space, nor near space, it was definitely between 2000-3000 feet in altitude. The local airports are directly west of my location. It came from the NW and was headed southeast, which is the Atlantic Ocean. The flight path of the craft I observed was unique. I have lived at this location for twelve years and do not recall ever seeing a craft flying along the trajectory I observed this craft flying. Unfortunately, it all happened so fast, I was unable to photograph or film the sighting. I would like to know if anyone else by chance saw this? Or, if you have an explanation, please contact me.

Posted 1999-11-30

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