Occurred: 1994-07-14 20:00 Local
Reported: 1999-11-25 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 min
No of observers: 7

Location: Branchville, NJ, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

2 horizontal lines - 3 top, 4 under zigzag type. all 7 of us saw the lights as a different color

This first time was when we were walking off my field after doing a healing circle. I had insisted that we just walk in the dark and not put on the flashlights. The lights were as described above. All of us saw them as one color, but none of us saw them the same color as any one else. I saw the most beautiful, clear orange color. They stayed in that formation traveling from north to south above the Kittatinny Mountain range. One year later, I went up to Sunrise Mtn (same range) at 5 AM. I have no idea why I awakened and went up there. There were 2 young men who were frightened and saw the same lights, they tried to take them on their camcorder. I explained to the boys that I did not feel they were harmful in the slightest. Then went home and back to bed. Shortly after that when I was enjoying my field (on the top of a hill), I was watching 2 hawks circling overhead. The clouds were formed in a funnel shape, the smallest point at the top, the hawks climbed higher and higher until they disappeared (which isn't logical) Then I felt myself being lifted off of the ground, grabbed onto the car to hold myself down. Wish I was brave enough to have gone with it. A couple of years later, a mother and her two sons were coming to my house in the evening and saw them. The mother and older son was happy and excited but the younger son was scared. It seems that I sense when they are around, such as last night even though the sky was overcast. It seems a new comprehension comes to me when I sense they are around, I don't know what, I just know it is there. This is their formation: x x x x x x x I am hoping that someone else has had such an experience and can share with me what they felt. I have overworked myself for the last 2 years, bone tired, ended up with asmatic bronchitis and slept for a week. Then, last night I sensed them again. This morning my energy is back. Another thing is that I bought some fiber-optic beads in different colors in October. The orange of those beads is the closest to the color that I saw that night. Such a pure orange. Another thought, it could just be co-incidence, is that my ability to channel healing and physic work improves after I sense or see them. It could be psychological .... maybe you have an answer. Also, I haven't got the slightest idea how I ended up with your website. I should be cleaning the house. I just finished an e-mail to Governor Whitman about work conditions and asking for an Early Retirement Package. How did this come up??? And after so many years. Thanks for any information you can supply me. ((name deleted))

Posted 1999-11-30

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