NUFORC Sighting 11152

Occurred: 1989-11-05 02:00 Local
Reported: 1999-11-24 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 12secs
No of observers: 2

Location: Groom Lake, NV, USA

Shape: Egg
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Changed Colo

This is a little long, so please hang in there. On Nov.5th,1989, I, along with cousin, were listening to am radio KFI in Los Angeles.The guest on the show was a man named Bill Cooper.He was stating that he knew why John F. Kennedy was assasinated and he was giving a speech on it at Beverly Hills High that night.Well my cousin and I attended out of curiosity.At the meeting he revealed many things including he was ex Naval intelligence and found out things.His reason for going public was to protect his life.Mr Cooper stated that JFK was taken out by the CIA because the CIA was hiding the fact that aliens were here and JFK was going to use that fact to break up the by then way to powerful CIA.In short, Mr. Cooper said if you did not believe his story you could venture to this valley on the other side of a mountain range to this not yet known then, but now famous place called GROOM LAKE and watch UFO's fly out of a base they had there!Well my cousin and I took him up on that and next wednesday we drove up from Palm Springs and got up off of what I believe is Highway 95 and went down the dirt road towards Groom Lake and parked our car about 24:30. The sky was unlimited visibility with a full moon lighting up the desert.I state the clarity because of the bizzarre activity of what I think were special forces personel running in Dodge Ramchargers on the dirt roads around the valley.They obviously spotted us and drove right up to the back of our car and took what I think was our Licence Plate.We got out to confront them and they put it in reverse and peeled out of there.Under the full moon I could see them spying on us driving around without there lights on. This went on for an hour then stoped.Then at about 02:00 while kicking back in the car, I looked over towards the Groom Lake area and saw this super bright light heading towards us.I awoke my sleepy cousin and shouted " THERE'S ONE"!! It was the shape of an egg with a sparkly tail behind it coming right in front of us. We jumped out of the car to try and take a pitcure.It lit up the whole desert overpower! ing the full moon and made no noise whatsoever.Just as it got in front of us (about 3/4 of mile) and just when my cousin tried to snap a pitcure it changed color from bright white to burnt orange with its sparkle tail sucking in.Then to our amazement, it grew transparent from the center out and vanished into thin air right in front of us!! Thats my story

Posted 1999-11-30

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