NUFORC Sighting 111152

Occurred: 2014-07-04 22:05 Local
Reported: 2014-07-05 21:10 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 minutes
No of observers: 7

Location: Pennsburg, PA, USA

Shape: Orb

7 Witnesses View Four Strange Identical Orange Colored Orbs Traveling In Succession North to East

Description of UFO Event Approximately 2 Miles South Of Pennsburg, Pa. 07/04/2014 22:05 pm EDT 7 Witnesses – All Mature Adults (19 to 62 years old) Observing point was from rear of house along Kings Road about 2 miles south of Pennsburg adjacent to route PA 663 which would be to your left from rear of house. Back of home faces due Northeast towards a tall tree forested area. Western side of Green Lane Reservoir lies on the other side (north) of this tall tree forested area. Site map layout can be e-mailed.

Event began around 10:05 PM EDT. Skies were dark and clear, highly transparent - many stars visible. All local area fireworks shows had concluded about 20 minutes prior. No activity at all. We were all cleaning and packing up from family holiday get together.

I am a college graduate and IT Professional and have been an amateur astronomer for over 50 years. Very familiar with night sky, celestial objects, stars, planets, constellations, cardinal directions, etc. Never saw anything like this phenomenon before. The others, with various educated backgrounds in nursing, health care, accounting and plumbing concurred.

I was admiring the stars and the clear dark skies to the North, when I caught a glimpse of a brightly lit orange colored orb like object rising up through the tall trees in the sky but from behind the tall tree line to the far rear of the property. I pointed it out to everyone else present at the time. This orange colored orb like object then rose up to about 10 degrees above this rear tall tree line and then followed it straight like an arrow due East.

I would estimate the apparent visual magnitude of this object to be -3 to -5. Similar in range to the planet Jupiter or Venus at maximum brightness. But, clearly orange and orb like not like a white or blue white pin point star or planet I am familiar with. Some minor light pulsations were noted as it traversed along its path. Absolutely no sounds were heard. No red or green aircraft marker lights or aircraft landing lights on the object. No other discernable features. No smoke or contrails either. Traversed its path North to East covering about 90 degrees of sky in about 20-30 seconds. Hard to tell in darkness, but estimated the altitude of the object to be less than 10,000 feet, somewhere in range of between 1000 and 5000 feet.

We were all very puzzled and awestruck by this object.

Then, shockingly, 3 (three) more identical objects rose up and followed in succession along the exact same flight path North to East. Exact same characteristics. Color, brightness, some pulsation, no sounds, no marker lights, no smoke or contrails etc. These subsequent trailing orange colored orb objects appeared to follow each other along same path in about 20 second intervals from the first one across the northeast sky like a string of bright orange beads. The new ones would appear and follow while the previous ones were disappearing into the eastern horizon.

All 7 witnesses experienced this spectacle.

We managed to get a snapshot through one of our smart phones of the last of the objects. Different resolutions could be provided via e-mail.

Other points of note.

1. Definitely not meteors – seen them, know them, no arcing, trails or contrails evident. And, much too large and orb like given proximity.

2. The Planets Mars & Saturn were clearly identifiable and visible on the opposite side of the sky along the ecliptic (South-Southwest) from this event. Mars in Virgo near Spica and Saturn near center of Libra. Half moon also in Leo.

3. Two separate commercial aircraft with flashing marker lights were observed traveling East to West much higher in the sky (30,000+ feet) near the zenith during the course of the event as it was unfolding. Presumably these were aircraft out of the New York Area going cross country.

4. Can probably rule out prankster candle balloons or gas lit bags because the objects did not deviate at all along the flight path – there was no undulating or sine wave motions. And, much too bright for just a meager internal light source.

5. The fight path of the objects took them right near the star Deneb in the rising constellation of Cygnus in the Northeast sky.

Posted 2014-07-11

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