Occurred: 1952-06-30 21:00:00 Local
Location: Miami, FL, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: few hours
Reported: 2014-05-24 00:24:03 Pacific
Posted: 2014-06-04 00:00:00
Characteristics: Possible abduction, Marks found on body afterwards

I could not move at first.

Occurred: 6/30/1952 21:00.

I was living at XXXX SW 51st Court, Miami, Fl.

I was going to sleep at night and I was 8 years old. As I was saying my prayers with my eyes closed, lying in bed I felt like someone was watching me outside of my bedroom window. I opened my eyes and saw a light staring down at me from up in the air like a helicopter about 300 feet away.

I felt like my thoughts were being probed. I think they could feel I was scared and they mirrored back my feelings. I hid under the covers on my bed and then I became like I was frozen stiff and unable to move.

They took me out of my bed holding my wrists, were leading me down the hallway. I screamed for my dad. Telepathically they told me that he couldn't hear me. I think everyone on my block was like under ether or something. I don’t remember going up into the saucer. The saucer was round with a see through dome from the inside out, night or day. I could draw great pictures of UFO’s in school. My parents blew off my story after I said , “I saw a saucer last night”. My mom said on the way to the kitchen, “Gee I thought I locked the door last night”, it was open in the morning. I can remember all conversation and think precisely when I get an adrenalin rush.

As they flew me to the mother ship, I remember vividly sitting down in the middle of the ship with the dome window behind them and I was afraid to let them think that I could see them as they stared at me. I pretended not being able to see them. There was one alien that wanted to Communicate, maybe the navigator, the other two were standing in back of him, and they just watched and never tried to communicate ever. We went to a larger ship. I remembered the docking port. How we docked and the dome part of the saucer had a bottom rim that fit into the docking port and became attached to the ship, and as I was going aboard getting on board I remember the mesh floor and a small box next to the bulkhead, and the round top of the saucer fitting into the hole under the mother ship had lifted up. I remember how big the ship was inside because it appeared small and was large inside.

He told me when the tests started and over and over telepathically that it all would be over soon so just wait a little bit longer.

Most of the things that happened above I could not remember at first but was reminded by other things as I lived my rest of my life.

I saw one recognizable abductee that was very familiar on TV years later and she was complaining about her experience of being used during the abduction.

They let me see the space view of the Gulf of Mexico at night, with the city lights from New Orleans to Tampa. I remember the color of light aboard the ship as the sun was coming up, They showed me a ray gun. The end of it had a shape similar to a filament that hangs electric wires from telephone poles. Because of their telepathy they can feel things that their body never feels through your experiences. Maybe they try to get some of our features to benefit themselves.

I was on their ship more than once, because of my scoop marks. I even saw a hooded figure that scarred me standing next to a cement slab. They told me how many kids I would have. I saw a projection of my wife years before I got married.

I believe aliens look a little oriental.

They will step in to our world if they think we are going to destroy our world.

It is like controlling the bad fish in a fish bowl from breaking the fish bowl.

All that happened when I was 8 years old in the UFO flap of 1952. The UFOs flew over President Truman’s White House and were as were seen flying up the east coast as reported by Eastern Airlines pilots, on route to the north from Florida.

When my parents moved houses in Miami they moved in back of Norman Beans house, a MUFON original board member. Coincidence or not, you be the judge.

When I get reminded of more I will add more.


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