NUFORC UFO Sighting 108983

Occurred: 2004-06-30 03:00 Local
Reported: 2014-04-27 19:37 Pacific

Location: Rosarito (Mexico), , Mexico

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Landed

It put its hand near my face, but stopped and spoke to another one that told him to leave me alone, for they were "done here."

Back in Rosarito, Mexico, I was about 6 years old. I had no thought of aliens or anything, the farthest my questions went was how did we start, and what are stars. Well my family are Christians, so I thought I had my only answers, until that night. I was sleeping on the 2nd floor of my great grandparent's house and woke up in the middle of the night. I was sleeping in a sleeping bag in between two beds where my mom and grandma slept. I had seen a bright blue light shining through the curtains that covered a sliding door the other side of the room.

I walked over to the sliding door, having no fear or suspicion, just simply curiosity. I opened the curtain, the house is like an L, and had seen the bright blue light glimmer on the other side of the roof, but couldn't see what the light was. I had seen to 7 to 8 ft. tall aliens. I didn't think of aliens at the time. My thoughts were, "I thought we were the only walking smart animals on the planet, I didn't know there were others."

And there were four of them, two on the other side of the roof so I couldn't see them, and two on my side. One of them had a device in its hand, best description would be like an Ipad as thin as paper, and was swiping its finger over it as if it was a touch screen. The other paced back and forth, not fast, but quickly as if agitated by something. It stopped and started speaking in a weird tone I can't explain, and the other looked up and responded, then quickly went back to its work. The other went back to pacing, but stopped, looked up, and turned its head towards me. I was kinda scared then, but continued looking at it. It started walking towards me, but I thought about how the roof ends before it reaches the sliding door. I was concerned about how it was going to fall and why it didn't realize it was going too. So I watched until the fateful moment, until it stepped on the air. It took 3 steps on the air as if it was flat ground, at that time! i panicked, thinking that's not normal, this is not real. I r! an to my sleeping bag and covered my eyes for a literal half second, the house is designed weird, the stairs lead straight to the room, the sliding door is right next to the stairs. I peaked over my sleeping bag and had seen its head poking up in the sight between the railings for the stairs. I did my flash peak again and it was standing at the top of the stairs, I did it again, and it was standing in the middle of the room, again, it was at the foot of my sleeping bag.

It was teleporting, also it got to the stairs when a couple seconds earlier it was walking on air outside and you have to open a door to get to the stairs, the door is so loud, you'll wake everyone up it you open it, it was closed. And it was looking me in the eyes, it had a slit for a mouth, I couldn't see a nose, but it was dark besides the shimmering blue light. And it had large black eyes, at the time I described him like Spider-Man. He bent over and was about to grab my face it looked like but stopped about, 3-4 inches away. I examined its hand and it had long fingers that ended in round bumps, like frog fingers, and its skin kinda glimmered like a frog's skin. But it was more of a greyish color with a tint of green. I looked past its open fingers and saw its head turned to the other side of the room, where an identical being was standing at the top of the stairs, but it was like I could feel their differences through their energy or something. And then I could hear them in my head, like they were speaking through telepathy, and the other one said something like, "Leave it alone, we fixed it." or "Leave the boy alone, we're done here." And the one standing in front of me looked me in the eyes, and pulled away its hand and started to walk away, still scared, I did the flash peak and they were gone, and the light was gone too.

After about 30 seconds of self encouraging, I ran to the sliding door and looked outside, but saw nothing, not even in the sky. My mom and grandma, were asleep and unaware of anything that happened. I was so scared of that moment that the idol I basically worshipped, Spider-man, I had my grandma throw everything away that had to do with him, because his eyes reminded me of them. I threw away my clothes, blankets, pillow cases, figurines, even my tv, and old school gaming system representing him. I hadn't told my grandma why, just that he reminds me of "them."

And a couple years later, after I calmed down about it, and I was ready to talk about it, I told them what had happened, but ever since, I have had numerous weird experiences, that follow up aliens and even ghosts.

Posted 2014-05-02

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