Occurred: 2014-04-27 04:40 Local
Reported: 2014-04-27 04:04 Pacific
Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Louisburg, NC, USA

Shape: Circle

4 UFOs seen within a half an hour appearing and then vanishing.

I woke at 04:25 for some reason, and was compelled to go outside to look at the sky.

At ~04:40, I saw a star appear almost overhead moving from the northeast to the southwest. I brought my binoculars along this time, because I witnessed UFOs only a few days ago. The object was circular, white, and had no blinking lights. It moved across the clear sky for ~10 seconds then vanished.

Only a few seconds later a second star appeared it too being white, circular, and had no other lights. It appeared almost in the same place as the first UFO, but moved from the north to the south. It moved for ~ 5 seconds then vanished.

All the UFOs moved about the same speed, which was faster than an aircraft, but not streaking, and made no sound.

A few minutes passed, and yet another star appeared from the same location, and moved from the northwest to the southeast. It was the same size, color, and shape as the previous UFOs. This one moved for ~ 10 seconds then vanished.!

At exactly 05:10, (I checked my watch) another UFO appeared from a different location, but close to the others. It was white, circular, and about the size of a star as were the previous three. It too appeared from overhead just like the previous three, but moved west to east. This UFO moved across the sky till I could not see it anymore. It did not vanish. There were no aircraft seen during these sightings, but I saw 2 shooting stars.

I enclosed a drawing to help explain my sights.

Posted 2014-05-02

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