NUFORC UFO Sighting 107749

Occurred: 1994-06-14 01:30 Local
Reported: 2014-03-08 22:15 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Arkansas (NE part; location uncertain), AR, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Possible abduction

Up close with a ufo abduction.

I was driving back from Memphis. It was erly in the morning I was tired. I accidentally crouched north insted of going 40 west. I took the first exit I could and decided to take that highway. I'm driving ten minutes and I pass a house on my right in a valley it was lit like daylight.

I stopped because I'm woundering why. I back up looked down the drive way it just was bright. In the middle of the night? No I got to check this out. So I got out and closed my door softly I didn't want to wake my girlfriend who was sound asleep. I walked around the back of the car witch is sitting in the middle of the road. I stoped listened crickets were chirping the tree frogs were crying for rain lighting bugs were lighting nothing was out place except for the two story waltons looking house lit up brighter than day!

So down the drive way I start slowly I get maybe ten yards and stop I don't know why. I crouched down and then I saw what was bothering me. It wasn't that the house was lit up brighter than daylight it was lit up inside and out bright inside and out. WHAT how in gods name? Then I crept a couple of feet and saw what haunts me to this day. I saw a light round soft light then I started looking for the out line of what was holding the light. It was a triangle shaped hole in the starsand it was big the light was the size of the house. I was close anuff to toss a rock and hit it. To say the least I was in aw. To say the most I was in heaven because I'm a skeptic if I don't see it I don't beleave it and here it was something I can't explain. let me qualify my next statement I am ex-military I worked on helicopters 68 be 10 was the job. This craft was stable had no hum wine or rumble silent. Im takeing this all in I'm seeing a large craft not man made wow!

My girlfriend woke up and started yelling for me I told her to come to me. She got out car grumpy and started to where I was kneeling. When she got to me started to speak and I just pointed to the light. I must admit that was stupid because she started screaming when she saw the light we got run! I asked her how they flew that thing here though space and a long way how did she think we could out run it in a car? That made her stop and think she was scared unbelievably I wasn't.

I said lets look a few more seconds just then it got crazier a woman floated out of the light and in thought a coosed window. I told my girlfriend ok I'm done get in the car this to much. And we got back in the car and left.

Posted 2014-03-18

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