Occurred: 2014-02-20 23:29:00 Local
Location: Venice, CA, USA
Shape: Orb
Duration: 4 minutes
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2014-02-21 20:48:30 Pacific
Posted: 2014-02-27 00:00:00

Fiery orange-red orbs traveling at steady pace along a horizonal plane then fading away

I was on my front porch - my house faces north-northwest. I looked into the sky toward the north - this is a habit because I work at an airport that is located in that direction. I witnessed a orange-red orb that appeared to have flames coming from the top and the area nearest me. These flames did not flicker and they were slim pointed conic-shaped.

I expected to see the object falling to earth because these flames appeared to be a something that would trail a burning object. It did not reduce altitude, but continued on a steady plane toward the southwest. I made video of it with my cell phone and followed it by walking on the sidewalk toward the west. I recorded it until my phone battery died (late in the day). I continue to observe it in the SW sky until large trees on the next street obstructed my view. I decided to cross the street to get a better view - a car was coming so I trotted across to the next corner and allow the car to pass. I looked up into the SW sky but could not see it because of a large house on the SW corner of the street. I walked into the roadway to see if I could get a view of it between the house and the large trees. I spotted it in the sky where I had last seen it. It appeared stationary. I looked down the roadway toward the west and saw another object similar to the first. It appear to be hovering over the ocean at about the same altitude as the first. I am about 5 city blocks from the beach. I looked at the second object for about 4-5 seconds and it appeared to dim until I could not see it any longer. I turned my attention to the first object; it was still in the same location. It then dimmed like the second object and disappeared. Neither made any sound, if fact, it was very quiet in the neighborhood except for two cars that drove by--not a soul on the streets, which is unusual due to the mild weather and clear sky on a Friday night.

I work at an airport in the area and I'm very familiar with the type of aircraft in the skies in and around the area. I know the flight paths and can judge the altitude. These objects appeared to be tracking above the ground the same distance as the traffic pattern for the local flight schools - 1400 ft msl.

The color of the objects did not change, nor where there any blinking lights. Strangely, the flames did not illuminate the area around the objects or shine as beams. The bright red-orange color stayed within the shape of the object.

Never have I seen anything like this - highly unlikely that these where planes, helicopters, blimps, UAV's, flares, balloons, or any craft that I have ever seen.

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