NUFORC Sighting 106895

Occurred: 2014-02-02 20:10 Local
Reported: 2014-02-02 22:49 Pacific
Duration: 3 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Port St. Lucie, FL, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

Orange saucer sighted by two for 4 minutes over western/central FL 8:10 pm on 02.02.2014

Clearly saw huge bright orange disk fading to red at the perimeter of the glow... with the red favoring the leading edge (streamlined combination flattened/round shape with tapered and pointed ends) (like draping a sheet over Saturn) or (vacuum forming two flat plates over a baseball but not to a perfect vacuum... retaining a curved taper between the round center and the flat disk). Its brightness gave the distinct outline a glow that made the object appear nearly twice the size of the distinct outline. I spotted it over central/western??? Florida from 8:10pm to about 8:13pm 02.02.2014 from Treasure Coast, Florida. Object was originally moving NNNW from the vicinity of the southwest everglades, possibly the west coast of Florida??? and almost imperceptibly faded off to NNW... somewhere around 10-15 degrees when passing Tampa direction/area??? dead west of the Treasure Coast. The object was much larger than any known aircraft and was moving much faster than ! any normal jet... and not very high in the atmosphere like you would expect from experimental trials. At first I was able to clearly make out the outline within the glow but then the outline was obscured into an orange-red blob as the distance increased. Object disappeared as if headed to western FL panhandle.

Afterwards, the sighting was followed by what appeared to be individual rockets launched about two minutes apart seemingly originating from SW FLorida coast at approximately 8:30, 8:32 and 8:34pm and more launchings at 10pm. Cannot confirm these times like I can the original sighting until I check my camera. Repeated launchings were sighted past 10pm.

The later sightings of the much smaller, much slower "rockets"??? were traveling in a more westerly direction towards the Gulf. The first few rockets started out in a more northerly direction and later rockets veered further west. I only say rockets because two of them appeared to have "staged" a booster separation soon after sighting. Booster separations??? were consistently timed/located/dropped SWW off west coast of FL and rockets??? disappeared on various trajectories from NW to NWW towards Gulf).

Of the multiple "rockets"??? seen... two clearly staged separations that were distinct... looking much like a short lived blue-white light being dropped like a bomb. Both "separations"??? "drops"??? occurred in virtually the same location. The "rockets" appeared to be reddish, and about 1/40th the size of the object "disc"??? (flattened, pointed football shape).

I took pictures of both the disk??? and the rockets??? but I was late on the draw and the distinct outline had already blended with the glow prior to my first shot. I was not able to time the photos with the actual staging??? of the rockets. Videos of the rockets taken are useless. No video of the original object sighting was taken during its brief sighting.

I made the original sighting and managed to share the sighting with my dad after getting his attention. The rocket??? launchings which followed were seen by the whole family.

No noise was heard from any sighting. Can provide images but I doubt they will be of any use. Enlargements don't show details or clear outline.

Posted 2014-02-07

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