Occurred: 1990-06-23 22:25:00 Local
Location: Salem, NY, USA
Shape: Egg
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 4
Reported: 2014-01-06 22:15:26 Pacific
Posted: 2014-01-10 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object

objesct seen but nothing came out on film

It was shortly after school ended in the year of 1994 I was 14 at the time. My brother was watching TV and I was in my room playing my saga. When my mom comes in and asks me to come in to the kitchen to look out the window. So, I did and saw this disk glowing just over the tree line. We watched it for about 20 minutes then my mom grabs her camera snaps off a whole fresh roll of 32 photos. The object took off or cloaked after the flash went off about the 14th time. But my mom still shoot the hole roll. The next day she went to get the film developed. She sent it out on a 3-5 day ticket it took a month to get the film back and when she did the photos were blank not a single shot came out. I’ve shared this story many times and heard you on Clyde Lewis and felt this should be brought to you for documentation.

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