Occurred: 2013-12-14 23:30:00 Local
Location: Stirling (UK/Scotland), , United Kingdom
Shape: Unknown
Reported: 2013-12-14 18:06:09 Pacific
Posted: 2013-12-23 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Emitted beams, Electrical or magnetic effects

I have just seen about a half an hour ago a blue imminating flash upon the sky 3 times tonight, the first time was at about 12:00 at night, i went out side with my dog and had a cigarette, as i sat there looking up into the sky i saw this sudden huge flash in a blink of an eye, it was so gigantic that it imminated from the frnt of the house to my backyard where i was sitting, i immediately thought it was lightening but there was no thunder at all or any sound at all after the flash and usually lightening flshes happens after the first flash within a minute or so but i waited for 2 minutes there was nothing, i then got scared incase it was lightening as i have many tree's in my back yard not to close from where i was sitting having my smoke, i then put out my smoke and grabbed my scottie dog and went into the house but i was very conscious of what i had seen and quickly ran to the third door of my house where its more sheltered and sat there for 5 minutes or 10 mintues waiting if i see it again and i did! these lights huge blue lights appeared behind the clouds. i locked the doors and went back in as the wind was picking up but it has been very windy as it usually is here every winter, but then i went upstairs to my brothers room and i have reported seeing other strange formation lights here and this is the same room where i saw these formation of lights, in the same direction i looked as i remembered these formations where i saw another flash and this blue imminating flashes where so huge it almost filled the sky where as i know for a fact as i love lightening iv seen it many atimes when lightening hits it does not iliminate the fullness of the sky like this one did, these ones were pure blue. and there was 0 ziltch no noise at all after. after seeing the 3rd blush flash, waited if i could see more but then i saw a flyinf object from the corner of my eye it came out of the clouds and into the clouds again but was extremely fast, it was almost invisible but visable at the same time its v! ery hard to describe.

then after all this i saw from the shadow of my house that u can se from out side the shadow of the top of the house a gold light and i saw that twice and then after seeing that all these blue flashes just stopped i sat there for about a half an hour looking if i could see it again and nothing. that is when i came across this website and thought of reporting two reports one was the one of horizontal red,blue and green formation lights and now this report. but there is something else i would like to add.. during this past 3 weeks or so i have been hearing at night time about 9 at night to 11 at night the most weridest hovering noises ever, i do live near a military base that hapens to be in my city so often i hear jets and helicopters and plans but never in my life have i ever heard a hovering noise like i have from these past weeks and during 1 week it happened twice the first time my brother came running through to me it was that loud, it was like 100 times louder than any jet, it was hovering noises, and seemed to move slowly judging by the noises, the noise is always above my house its almost like i can track the noise in the same direction. and now i see these lights and it is very very strange and it was also may i add winter last year when i actually saw these formations of red, blue and green lights that i have also reported here.

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