Occurred: 2013-08-31 22:00 Local
Reported: 2013-09-01 13:58 Pacific
Duration: 44 seconds
No of observers: 4

Location: Arden (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Circle

Round orange object crosses the the clear calm night sky, NW to SE, in 45 sec, 22:00. No sound or navigation lights.

At about 10 pm 4, professional sober adults in our 50's were fishing on my large boat in the middle of the night. We observed satellites, shooting stars, Milky Way and various constellations in the still dark night.

One of the group noticed a round orange object moving across the sky from NW to SE. One person thought the shape looked like the ''Underarmor'' clothing logo. It traversed the clear, windless night sky in about 45 seconds. No flames, tail, material falling off or smoke was observed. Not certain if it appeared a bit smaller when it passed out of sight beyond the SE end of the lake. When it got to the SE end of the lake it seemed to fade- I thought the color went a bit light yellow or white.

There was absolutely no sound, no navigation lights and no change in direction.

It appeared to move much more slowly than a meteor and much faster than a plane, satellite, space station (we have spotted that years ago). It's size is hard to explain but it appeared to be about 20+ times larger than the largest star in the sky that night. No way to describe its position since its size would affect its perceived location.

I reported it to the Provincial Police- not because it was unusual but in case it was a manned vehicle and if it encountered engine failure the occupant(s) may crash land. I did not believe it was a typical, manned aircraft but if there was any chance that someone was in peril I felt the police should be notified.

Posted 2013-09-09

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