NUFORC Sighting 100816

Occurred: 2013-08-05 22:25 Local
Reported: 2013-08-05 15:02 Pacific
Duration: 4 minutes

Location: Cardigan (UK/Wales), , United Kingdom

Shape: Sphere

White light moving slowly due east away from Cardigan Wales, UK

Just looked out from my garden in Cardigan and noticed a “star” due east. Then I realised it was too close and too big to be a star. I also noticed it was actually moving, although I had to watch it for several seconds to be sure, because it was moving directly away from me towards the east/very slightly northwards.

Excited and intrigued, I ran into the house and called my wife, because I wanted a second person to see that it was definitely not a plane or a helicopter. No other lights. Just shining white light, moving quite slowly. Not pulsing or flashing, just constant.

Eventually my wife came out into the garden, but a little too late. I saw the light moving away and dropping behind the tree line way into the distance and tried to point it out to her, but she couldn’t locate it and finally it disappeared completely behind the tree line.

The time was about10.25pm. I had watched it for about a minute or so before calling to her. Since I realised it was moving slowly, I hoped to have had time to get her before it had gone. I estimate, quite accurately, that from the time I first noticed it, until it went out of view, was about 4 minutes.


ISS passed to the south of Cardigan, Wales, at 22:15 hrs. (local) on the date indicated, which we presume to be August 5th, not May 8th. PD

Posted 2013-08-30

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