NUFORC Sighting 100739

Occurred: 2013-08-03 22:00 Local
Reported: 2013-08-04 20:27 Pacific
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 6

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Line of 9 light orbs hovered over.Las Vegas NV 8/3/13.

Nine round lights in an almost vertical direction ( 90 degree angle into the sky above) hovered but were mostly stationary over the N/NW part of the city of N Las Vegas. The lights were equally spaced apart and would get bright and then dim in patterns. For example, all lights would turn bright together and then dim, whereupon the bottom most light (maybe starting 250 feet above the buildings and homes) would turn a red color, the 2nd through 8th lights would go bright up the almost vertical line of light one by one, successively, after the other until the ninth and topmost light would grow bright red. I and five other witness watched this for about 45 minutes straight.

The patterns of the lights glowing bright white and then fading out almost completely, was constantly changing, almost pulsing at times, and the lights were moving very slowly, not breaking formation due West. As we were all viewing this event, a light appeared in the sky in front of us, South of the formation and closer to us. It shot upwards after appearing and faded out completely. Additionally, closer and to the NW, we observed another bright light appear, and travel at high speed for a second and disappear. Appeared high up in space. To right of the Big Dipper. We all also observed another shooting light orb appearing out of nowhere and shooting upwards, arcing and disappearing. this was again South of the formation to the North and lower and much closer to our viewing position.

Finally the formation moved West at a faster speed, all lights disappearing but one, which proceeded to grow brighter and much bigger. At peak light intensity it vanished. We could no longer see anything in the sky to the North. About a minute or less after the final large round light went out, as we were talking about it, we looked to the North East as a huge bright light caught our eye. It was traveling in a South Easterly direction and appeared to be a large white light traveling very fast. It was pretty close and low, and large. Very bright white. It too vanished by going from extremely bright to dim in milliseconds. Then it was gone. Looked like the large light from the formation, at the end. Don't know if it was or not.

Again six of us observed the light formation for around 45 minutes.

We were driving and saw the formation, and stopped near our home to observe it. So crazy we could not stop watching all of the events. We have no idea if anyone else around the city saw it, but I am positive others observed it. It was glaringly not helicopters or planes or flares. It was occurring pretty well in the center of Vegas and North of Vegas proper and before the mountain range. Lights extended into the sky well above the mountains.

We watched the

Posted 2013-08-30

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