National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1984
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/84 22:00 Milford CT Sphere 30 min. We saw a sphere hovering at treetop level. It was huge and made no sound or reflection on the water below. 12/5/01
6/30/84 21:30 Oakhill TX Circle 0005 Stationary ball of bright light, changes color and moves rapidly across Texas night sky in 1984 1/10/09
6/30/84 21:00 Denton TX Light 10-15 seconds Brilliant white "sparkling" light, like a 100,000 sparkler-sticks, appearing suddenly and moving silently across the sky above trees. 5/15/06
6/30/84 20:00 Seaford DE Sphere 10 minutes Me and a friend were night fishing in a pond in Seaford del.First we heard a sound coming from somewhere on the other side of trees. 10/11/16
6/30/84 12:00 Atlanta GA Unknown aliens Orange colored beings thats possibley from another planet 7/28/10
6/30/84 08:30 Malvern AR
1 hr UFO in the shape of a triangle 5/2/11
6/30/84 06:40 Adelanto CA Sphere 10 min Saw a flashing light that turned out to be something perfectly round floating above the ground 10/31/08
6/30/84 00:30 El Paso TX Circle 20min bright light over desert in el paso tx 1984 6/12/08
6/24/84 21:00 Tallahassee FL Unknown 3 hrs FLASH CAR DIED AND I T WAS 4 HRS LATER 6/12/02
6/24/84 19:00 Columbia SC Oval 10-15 min. I do not know whats going on. I have strange dreams of very hightech information thats ruining my life. 8/5/01
6/20/84 20:20 Holmwood LA Oval 25 minutes Lake Charles native got a close up view of a large hovering disk on the hwy between Lake Charles and Bell City. 4/18/12
6/20/84 12:00 Sacramento CA Circle 00:25 I worked at a west coast AFB. We had a project called Deep Space Probe. It is a powerfull telescope that would track satillites. On on 6/18/04
6/19/84 11:00 Wilkes-Barre PA Other 10 - 15 minutes Box shape, Large green and silent. 9/2/05
6/17/84 10:00 Lorain OH Circle hour or less can't be any ship we can build?? 12/14/06
6/15/84 23:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Disk 4 hours Its been along time however i believe it was in the summer of 1984 or 1985. At around 2300 hours I was working with my partner patrolin 9/19/02
6/15/84 22:30 Indjifa (Yugoslavia) PA Disk 30 SECOND CIRCLE CRAFT WITH LIGHTS ON IT 6/18/04
6/15/84 22:00 Grain Valley MO Sphere 15 min. Spinning, Superfast, Sphere 10/30/06
6/15/84 21:30 Greenburg NY Unknown 3-5 minutes Bright object in NY 1984. 7/26/14
6/15/84 21:00 Hamadan (Iran)
This is not something that i have seen lately, but what i saw was so imposible that i have never talked about it before. I was spending 12/16/05
6/15/84 20:30 Wheeling WY Unknown 5-10 minutes UFO sighting at twilight over Wheeling, WV 5/11/05
6/15/84 20:00 Mansfield OH Formation 5 seconds Electric storm, 5 red dots in a row, taking off in an arcing shape outside object first then inside objects. 2/5/03
6/15/84 19:00 Ely MN Diamond 1 hour + close encounter of the 5th kind (interaction with being from ufo) 12/2/00
6/15/84 18:00 Asheville NC Circle 20 to 30 seconds it must have been 30 or 40 foot around and it had many many lights on it 3/21/03
6/15/84 16:45 Draper VA Cone 1:00 min During the summer of 1984 as I was going to work I was getting on the interstate, I-81north . As I was merging on to 81 I looked over m 12/2/00
6/15/84 14:00 Griffin GA
30 seconds ((HOAX??)) 3 of my friends and i was walking down troublesome creek 2miles east of jordon hill rd when we heard a humming noise 4/27/07
6/15/84 04:00 London (UK/England)
6/15/84 03:00 Jacksonport WI Disk 5 minutes One large round disc. bright golden gleaming GORGEOUS OBJECT about 50 to 100 ft in diameter. It moved so rapidly. completely silent and 9/17/03
6/15/84 03:00 Methow WA Oval 15 minutes UFOs refueling. 5/2/14
6/15/84 02:50 Ashville OH Disk 5-8 min The sighting happened near Ashville Ohio in mann's trailer park.It was hot out ,the moon was bright and in the summer time June or July 3/23/04
6/15/84 01:00 Burgettstown PA Fireball 15 seconds I was watching the tonight show and Dave Letterman was just coming on. I was laying on the couch, and out our front window I saw someth 12/7/06
6/15/84 00:30 Spalding NE Light 1 hour Observed bright light at close range, amasing movement, then hovered and my vehicle quit and lost all electrical system. 2/18/01
6/10/84 22:00 Clayton OH Disk 7 hours saw 2 ufo's,lost 6 hours time. 11/20/02
6/1/84 23:30 Ravenna MI Circle 25 Minutes I would never have thought I would have so amazed by an object in small town USA in the middle of the night. 6/12/08
6/1/84 23:00 Los Angeles CA Circle about 10 minutes Watched for about ten minutes a small balloon-shaped object that seemed to maneuver over a parking lot 2/27/00
6/1/84 22:00 Tolland CT Triangle 5 min The triangular thing was slowly gliding just above the tree, (about 3 stories high) during the summer of 1984. It also was the size of 2/18/01
6/1/84 22:00 Ferriday LA Other 8 seconds My girl friend and I were leaving Ferriday La. about 10:00Pm. one night and just as we got even with the rest area about 3 miles out of 8/28/03
6/1/84 21:00 Perry (rural highway, S.R.22) OH Other 5-10min. Two polygonal cylinders hovering near S.R. 22 communicating with strobes 8/19/00
6/1/84 21:00 Ka'anapali (Maui) HI Light one hour light came down from space one by spinning around, swarmming like bees for about a half hour arranged into a formation of vertical ... 1/29/02
6/1/84 21:00 Bandon OR Rectangle 5 oregon coast rectangle football field sized white square lights 1/21/08
6/1/84 20:00 Paramus NJ Cigar FIVE MINUTES Driving north at night (summer?)somewhere between 1980 and 1984, probably closer to the latter year on Route 17 north, probably between 3/21/03
6/1/84 19:00 Parker City IN Fireball 90 sec Orange/Red lights in sky 4/1/01
6/1/84 18:00 Sierra Vista AZ Triangle 5 minutes Silent delta wing aircraft 7/4/12
6/1/84 17:15 Mobile AL Sphere 5 minutes A single round object traveling due west stopped and another similar object emerged and flew southwest. First object continued west. 8/11/04
6/1/84 17:00 Wakefield MA Egg 2 MIN. UFO OR WATHER SATELLITE ? MY HEART TELLS ME =UFO 3/4/03
6/1/84 17:00 Rouyn Noranda (Canada) QC Sphere 15 mins Bright light sphere 10 feet diameter 5/15/06
6/1/84 13:00 Mississauga (Canada) ON Disk 1 miniute Incredibly close sighting in broad daylight. 12/2/00
6/1/84 13:00 Bowling Green KY Unknown 20 - Minutes SOMETHING AIRBORNE HIT & DAMAGED OUR U-HAUL 2/1/07
6/1/84 13:00 Elmendorf AFB AK Diamond 15 minutes Observed red-diamond-shaped object with C-90 telescope on tripod. Object was motionless at an altitude of approximatiely One Thousand 2/16/00
6/1/84 12:00 Orlando FL Circle unknown Old photo recently found with object in it 10/31/08
6/1/84 12:00 Colfax WA Oval 5 minutes Sighting near Colfax, WA in the mid 80's and another in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness 8/16/02
6/1/84 02:20 Tampa FL Cylinder 5 minutes cylindrical shaped object with rotating display 2/14/10
6/1/84 00:00 Perth (Western Australia)

20 Minutes I encountered three small grey creatures and a rolling ball of light while walking at a near by lake. 7/1/02
6/1/84 00:00 Sweetwater TN Unknown 5-10MINS I was a small child when this happened,but remember it like it was yesterday 2/14/06
6/1/84 00:00 Mayfield KY Disk ten miniutes a space craft a big as a small car floating over mayfield ky 8/21/11
6/1/84 Huntsville AL Sphere
Unidentified Sphere 10/28/02
6/1/84 Huntsville AL Sphere
Follow up on sphere found near Huntsvill, AL 10/28/02