National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1978
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/30/78 23:50 Myles Inlet SC Other 2 minutes Hello . This was a sighting just out of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina .This Happened around 1978 . This was a different siteing that y 1/10/09
7/29/78 23:30 Highland IN Disk 3 minutes I looked out my window to see a disc shaped object hovering about less than 100 ft. over my house. 4/1/00
7/29/78 16:00 Valdosta GA Other 5 SECONDS Clear sunny day in Valdosta, was walking on the edge of a peanut field, was facing south-west looking at another field directly behind 11/28/07
7/27/78 21:00 Fort Stockton TX Light 10 minutes My sister and I wear driving south on state hwy 67 toward Alpine from Fort Stockton when I noticed 3 red lights lined up against a clif 3/4/03
7/27/78 00:45 Union MO Light one minute At approximately 12:10a the witness left her brother's home in Beaufort Missouri returning to her home in Arnold, Missouri; a trip she 4/1/00
7/26/78 22:00 Union MO Light minute Three witnesses reported seeing a unusually bright white light cross the sky moving east to west... 4/1/00
7/26/78 20:00 Union MO Light 10 minutes Three witnesses. While driving down Highway 50 East they noticed a big bright orange ball in the sky. It was bigger than the moon but 4/1/00
7/26/78 18:30 St. Louis MO Unknown minutes Red light from outside lights up the my bedroom. 9/4/03
7/26/78 15:00 Eureka MO Light a few seconds In an incident similar to others around this date, a ball of light flashed down at our car then veered away. 8/12/08
7/26/78 St. Robert/Fort Leonard Wood MO Light uncertain Two witnesses saw bright flashing red light pass over their house.. 4/1/00
7/25/78 21:30 St. Robert/Fort Leonard Wood MO Light minute Two witnesses, enlisted man and wife. Sitting on front porch of home. Noticed an unusual light/object moving across the sky. No other 4/1/00
7/25/78 21:00 Kingsport TN Disk 5 minutes flashing red light turned out to be a soundless spinning disc shape 8/7/07
7/22/78 20:00 Brenham TX
7/22/78 18:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 3 Minutes 2 large silver craft, rotating above us. Changed shape rapidly, and disapered into the darkness in a burst of light. 7/5/99
7/22/78 02:30 Gulfport MS Chevron 5 minutes Grouped lights in sky moving fast in a configuration of a chevron or partial diamond. 10/23/13
7/22/78 01:30 Ft Irin (Goldstone Tracking Station) CA Oval 5 minutes We didn't see it appear but it was like we were suspended in time 10/31/03
7/21/78 23:00 Little Falls NY Chevron 10 seconds Three triangular craft flying silently over Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY 8/22/18
7/20/78 23:00 Westport OR Unknown 10 sec. Two Stars flying parallel to one another at undescribeable speed, then stopping on a dime momentarily to only part in differant directi 5/24/99
7/20/78 21:00 Campbell River (Canada) BC
10 seconds Two bright lites hovering approximately 30,000 feet,they almost collided then flew off in opposite directions. 12/2/00
7/20/78 20:00 Livonia MI Formation 10 seconds Formation of Green Lights (high up) over Livonia, MI. USA 2/14/06
7/20/78 20:00 Pine Grove CA Formation 5 min. 3 unknown objects overflew our house just after dark. They were in formation. 8/30/99
7/20/78 04:15 Arizona (about 3 hours from, on I-15) AZ Light 5 min. I saw 3 very bright crafts, a big one in the middle, and 2 smaller ones on either side, hovering then moving fast, back and forth 4/27/04
7/20/78 02:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Triangle 2-3 min. Retired Police Officer:Triangle shape, with 6 glowing red lights, seperated and shot across the sky (left to right) then came together. 9/2/05
7/20/78 00:00 Tuskegee AL Circle 30 seconds In '78 Yellow Orb moved silently along with my car/50 mph, moved to the front of my car, then zoomed into the stars and became a star. 7/25/19
7/19/78 21:00 Mojave CA Light 5 minutes it came towards us then zig-zagged across the sky then took of in a different direction. 9/2/05
7/18/78 01:00 Hammond IN Other 20-30 seconds I was sitting in front of the window listening to the radio one night and saw this object slowly descending, like the sun setting on th 1/28/99
7/16/78 21:00 Centereach NY Disk 4 minutes Centereach, Long Island, NY, 1977 or 1978, Red disk shaped object hovering in Northern direction 7/16/03
7/15/78 23:00 Fargo ND Triangle 1 minute Glowing triangular object, composed of smaller triangles, floated silently across sky from NE to SW. 1/28/99
7/15/78 22:30 Regina (Canada) SK Light 3-4 minutes Stationary Lights which then separated and disapeared 4/27/07
7/15/78 22:00 Grant CO Light 30 seconds 3 green fast moving lights 4/18/12
7/15/78 22:00 Jarabacoa (Dominican Republic)
Cigar 1-2 mins UFO Sight in the Domincan Republic 12/23/02
7/15/78 21:30 March Air Force Base CA Disk A couple of minutes One evening in the summer of 1978 my boyfriend's mother was giving me a ride to a store about 9:30 at night, as the store closed at ten 4/28/01
7/15/78 20:45 San Francisco CA Disk 6 mins I & 7 friends notice a disc shape object still at night with no sound also,glowing orange haze around the bottom. started moving south. 4/28/01
7/15/78 20:30 Fort Mill SC Circle 10 sec Small circular object took out the tops of trees 10/30/06
7/15/78 20:00 Panama
7/15/78 18:30 Ottawa KS Oval 45 min The UFO was shaped something like a foot ball the length of about 2 school busses but with many white and red lights on the underside 11/8/03
7/15/78 18:00 Amenia ND Disk hour Hovering disc over WDAY tower east of Amenia, ND. 2/14/08
7/15/78 17:00 Pointe Reyes CA Sphere approx. 1/2hr+ 5 Gold Sun like Round Objects appear, do manuvers, then one comes and hovers over the vessel i am in... 8/7/11
7/15/78 16:00 Weston MA Disk 15 minutes daughter's abduction 4/27/07
7/15/78 13:00 UK/England
sphere hovering by tree, witnessed by four 12/16/05
7/15/78 12:00 Avoca IA Light 2 minutes Chevron-shaped retinal after-image after looking at the sun with eyes closed. 3/29/18
7/15/78 12:00 Mesa AZ Cigar 90 seconds Huge silver cigar shaped craft glides low and slow over a populated suburban area in Mesa Az followed closely by a military fighter air 3/31/08
7/15/78 12:00 Douglas AZ Other 10 seconds Very large object moving silently through low clouds. (Late 1970's.) 1/14/16
7/15/78 02:00 Gautier MS Disk 30 minutes bright multi-colored lights emanate from disc flying/hovering silently approx 500 ft in the air. 3/4/08
7/15/78 01:00 St. Albert (Canada) AB Light 20 Minutes This event happened many years ago; however, I felt compelled to write about it as to this day, I still think about it. At the time, I 8/11/04
7/15/78 00:00 Santa Fe (Pecos Wilderness) NM Light 15 mins, plus Dull red giant "bracelet" at Santa Fe Baldy mountain,summer 1978, Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico 1/19/05
7/14/78 22:30 Spokane WA Disk 15-20 mins A friend and I were driving and saw something odd in the sky coming towards us. We pulled over along with some other people to watch. 1/28/99
7/14/78 14:30 New Symrna beach FL Formation 30 minutes Formation of orbs daytime chased by fighter jets over beach in New Symrna, Florida 1978. 8/5/12
7/12/78 22:00 San Diego/North County CA Light 15 seconds I saw a blue streak across the sky. 1/28/99
7/12/78 08:00 Corry PA Light 7MINUTES 1978 FLYING WAY TOO FAST TO BE A PLANE 4/16/05
7/10/78 21:00 Grand Rapids MI Triangle 5 Minutes Dark, Black Triangle Craft 10/10/11
7/8/78 00:30 Shelby NC Light 5 mins A bright light that turned into 2 lights and shot off in two separate directions. 11/3/05
7/7/78 22:00 Tahlequah OK Triangle 7 minutes Triangular, silent, motionless totally flat black craft with front facing light beam. 2/4/13
7/7/78 15:00 Salisbury (UK/England)
Other 2mins silent lights in the sky ,appearing and dissappearing ,about 30 m.p.h. over a millatary airfield. 11/20/01
7/7/78 13:00 Ardmore (near) AL Sphere 15 minutes Silver Sphere Hovering above treeline on Interstate 65 N. 3/7/00
7/7/78 12:00 New Albany IN Other 30mins In broad day light, it was as big as three aircraft carriers, but as silent as air. Moving very slowly theough the air. at the front th 2/14/06
7/4/78 23:59 Allentown PA Disk 1 MIN. SEEN 2 PALE GREEN FLYING SAUCERS OVER ALLENTOWN , PA ** JULY 4TH 1977/78 ** 1/31/11
7/4/78 23:00 Morgantown WV Changing 20 min This happened quite awhile back and I never reported it, but with all the attention recently, I tell people I think I saw one, and they 5/2/11
7/4/78 22:15 Danville IL Sphere About 2 minutes My sister and I saw an object that apeared to be 3 spheres connected togeather by a Y type of structure in the middle. 11/30/99
7/4/78 21:00 Reseda CA Sphere 15-20 minutes The object appeared red like a brilliant ruby on July 4, 1978 about 9:00 PM, and was witnessed by a few thousand people. 6/12/08
7/4/78 20:00 Nashua NH Circle 5 minutes there were many people assembled at Holman stadium in Nashua waiting for the firworks display. I looked up to the sky just as it was ge 6/4/14
7/4/78 19:00 Fayetteville NC Disk 5 minutes fayyetville,NC true ufo sighting 07/04/1978 10/30/06
7/4/78 19:00 San Diego CA Triangle 10 minutes Two young boys spot a triangle in the early summer eve 7/25/04
7/4/78 12:00 Oak Harbor WA Cigar 10 to 15 min Gigantic , silent zepplin with fantastic speed. 1/22/04
7/2/78 09:00 Kansas City PA Disk 5 minutes The craft I witnessed was saucer shape and there were lights laminating around the bottom. It was very large and right above a drive-i 9/9/04
7/2/78 08:00 Kansas City KS Disk 5 minutes My thoughts were it was a blimp or something like that but it looked too real to be a blimp. 4/16/05
7/1/78 23:00 Newnan GA Rectangle 10 min. the spot lights that were circeling on the roof tops of our house. 12/23/02
7/1/78 22:00 Logansport (east of) IN Sphere 30 seconds 50 ft. sphear over farm house moved off exces of mach1 visible untill fading out of sight. 2/14/06
7/1/78 22:00 Delta PA Disk 20 minutes Space craft hovers over pond 4/27/07
7/1/78 22:00 New Rochelle NY Oval 45 seconds UFOs are REAL! 45 SECONDS OVER MY HEAD IN A STILL POSITION - and then IT ZOOMED AWAY. 10/12/01
7/1/78 22:00 Monsey NY Triangle 15 minutes. My boyfriend and I saw a triangular shaped object spinning in circles, lights rotating..It jut across the evening sky within the stars 2/16/99
7/1/78 21:30 Toledo (near) OH Light 5 minutes I was listening to Peter's interview with George Noory on June 4th. I thought I would mention this. My companion at the time also saw 6/18/04
7/1/78 20:00 Riverside CA Triangle 10 minutes 3 triangular shaped ufos over an empty field in Riverside, CA with beams of light searching the field; no noise, no wind, not copters 9/4/03
7/1/78 17:30 Carson CA Unknown 5 Min For about 5 minutes I watched an odd shaped object in the sky over the city of Carson, Ca, that was then chased by 4 Military jets. 7/16/06
7/1/78 17:00 Mojave CA Sphere @3 min While building the CHP office in Movaje, Ca I observed a very small object @ 1 meter from me hoovering. I was on the roof of the buil 1/28/99
7/1/78 15:00 Newport Corner (Canada) NS Sphere 1 minute "Ball of mercury," obscured by sole cloud. Object suddenly ascends very rapidly and disappears from sight. ((anonymous report)) 11/30/18
7/1/78 15:00 Quincy (15 miles southeast of) CA Triangle 2 minutes A black object suspended about 150 feet from me, with 2 beings. They appeared to be watching me. I waved, and it zoomed off. 12/16/99
7/1/78 14:00 Chester NY Chevron 1-2 minutes 6 chevron shaped objects seen in the daytime sky doing "loop-de-loops" at high altitude 11/3/05
7/1/78 08:45 Fort Drum NY Light Only 4 or 5 seconds Large red light seen crossing the moon in a few seconds. 7/25/04
7/1/78 02:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 30 minutes bright multi-colored lights emanate from disc flying/hovering silently approx 500 ft in the air 6/12/08
7/1/78 01:00 Memphis TN Triangle 45 mins 2 huge triangle shaped objects, low to the ground moving very slow. we follow them for several miles before they vanish. 11/17/99
7/1/78 01:00 Lakes Region area of Central New Hampshire NH Disk 2 hours On the approximate date, I was a Police Officer on-duty in the Town of Gilford, New Hampshire. I was working the 4 to 12 pm shift and 1/28/99
7/1/78 00:30 Edina MN Triangle 2.5 minutes 7/1/78 01:00hours Edina/Minneapolis. MN. single very slow moving black triagle, 2 min visible 12/20/12
7/1/78 00:00 Oreland PA Other 5 minutes Electric Blue Half dome with possible alient encounter. 8/5/01
7/1/78 00:00 Bayamon (Puerto Rico)
Light 10 min We were driving home late on night in Bayamon Puerto Rico. We(My Dad,step mom,sister,cousin)were going home after visiting one of dads 2/14/06