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Occurred : 1/18/2018 20:56 (Entered as : 01/18/18 20:56)
Reported: 1/19/2018 3:50:18 AM 03:50
Posted: 1/25/2018
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Oval
Aircraft seen in Saint Paul MN

I step outside at my front porch for a cigarette and probably for almost approximately 3 minutes prior while I was out there, I spotted the first air craft. All I could see was a big bright ball of red light above our road/street 15-16ft from my house. It stood still in the sky and I don’t know how long it was already there. And I didn’t thought anything about it at first until I took a few step forward to try to take a good look of it and that’s when it moved and shifted to the right. It moved pretty quickly towards our dead end road an then it came back towards where it had been above me. It came a little slower than when it had moved before. Then it started to flash some kind of light blueish bright lights from the aircraft. Those blueish lights doesn’t flash like any normal airplane would. There’s no way and there’s no way any airplanes/drones moves like how this aircraft moves and how fast it was flying up there strangely. The big ball of red light it doesn’t flash and it doesn’t go off. It continuously was very visible. I cannot make out how this aircraft looks like. It stopped a few times where I am an then it just moves strangely back and forth rapidly in strange movement. A n then I notice when the first aircraft moved towards hwy I-94, another aircraft moves in towards above the houses across from my house. It was moving at a slower paste than the first one. But it seemed to be following the first aircraft. The second ship you could tell that its an oval shaped bc it had diminish whitish lights aligned together giving out the shape. And its color is like a metallic/grayish color to it. It’s only a few minutes then the first aircraft flew quite fast off my left towards the other side of the neighborhood into the sky and it’s gone and strangely so did the second aircraft left shortly after. I want say during the time I spotted the first aircraft to when I saw both of the departure of the aircrafts, It’s probably appro! ximately close to 15 minuets maybe a little more? I did called! a dispa tcher at around 9:00 pm and she was kind enough to stay on the line with me while all that was going on until an officer came by, but he came a little too late to help witness what i’be seen. And sadly I truly thought I have proof of a video I took on my phone before contacting the dispatcher but I didn’t have it. I must of have miss record and was in utter shock when I couldn’t find it. And in all honesty, this is truly my first experience and I feel overwhelmed by this experience. I like to say really that I DONT want to experience something like this ever again. But I know what I know now and that’s enough for me. I just hope that least there was somebody else that have must of seen it too and have some type of footage maybe or at least seen it. I sound like a total nut case bc I didn’t have what I was asked of but left what I have to tell.