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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/13/2017 06:12 (Entered as : 09/13/17 6:12)
Reported: 9/13/2017 6:25:42 AM 06:25
Posted: 9/14/2017
Location: Charlotte, NC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:>20 minutes
Bright orange orbs

My son was outside waiting for his school bus to come and he called me and said “Mommy, remember the thing we saw last year on July 4th? Well, it’s outside again."

I was in shock, and immediately told him that I was going to look outside from my bedroom window to see if I can see it. I saw it and told him I was going to call him back, since I had to record it on my phone.

I looked and saw the orange orbs. It was getting brighter, then it would fade, then reappear. I saw it was getting closer to where I saw an outline of a triangle and I started to get scared because this was the closest I have seen it and I do not want to see it that close because it creeps me out.

I had to get ready for work so I had to stop looking outside. I went back to look out the window and it was back again. Outside was getting lighter and I saw it and recorded it. I recorded it 3 separate times on my phone.

This is the second time we have seen this in our neighborhood.

((NUFORC Note: We have not received the photos, and have no means of contacting the witness, since she provides no contact, or personal, information. PD))