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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/7/2017 01:20 (Entered as : 05/07/2017 1:20)
Reported: 5/8/2017 4:55:44 PM 16:55
Posted: 5/11/2017
Location: Vineland, NJ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:<1 hour
Strange orange glowing object on farm.

We live in a rural area on the Atlantic County/Cumberland County border. Our home is located in front of a farm.

An orange, illuminated (completely) elongated, triangular shape descended from the sky. Best guess about 4 to 5 feet long. Followed the tree line of the farm field. At times, it would go left, then right then up high then down then darted towards the houses then back towards the tree line. Only lasted a minute or two. When I ran to get my husband, it was gone.

About 10 minutes later, dogs started to bark and sounded like cats fighting. The same object or another one that looked the same came from the High-Tension line and did similar movements for less than 2 minutes then ascended. Did not see again for the rest of the night nor the next night. No sound omitted from it. I couldn’t get a picture I was completely terrified.

We noticed that morning, the lights flickered a few times. We also had 2 long lasting light bulbs burn out.