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Occurred : 4/25/2017 22:45 (Entered as : 04/25/2017 22:45)
Reported: 4/25/2017 9:59:31 AM 09:59
Posted: 4/28/2017
Location: Nanaimo (Canada), BC
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 minutes
Flashing lights hovering over mountain for 30 mins., multiple nights.

I have seen this craft before. It hovers on top of mount benson in Nanaimo, BC. The first time I seen it, I thought it was a star. Then my husband seen it and said it was flashing lights between white, red and green. I don't have good vision, so I couldn't see that. We watched it for a bit and it moved around a little from side to side or up and down. Then it was gone.

Then I seen it again last night April 24, 2017. This is the third time I have seen it there. Same position. Although the this time it did change positions. It kept getting closer to the mountain until it was right at the mountains top or it could have been on the other side of the mountain going down. This time I could see the flashing lights, sometimes they seemed to be brighter. Red, green and white. I watched it on and off for about 30 minutes until it slowly disappeared over the side of the mountain.

I'm not familiar with ufos or aircraft. But this seems not average. We have photos and videos but they are very bad quality, as they were taken with an iPhone or cell phone.

I will keep looking every night now at the same times to see if this is something that happens frequently.