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Occurred : 3/15/2016 20:00 (Entered as : 3/15/16 20:00)
Reported: 3/15/2016 10:02:40 PM 22:02
Posted: 3/18/2016
Location: Omak, WA
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 hour
UFO flies above and around Omak around 20:00hrs on 3/15/16.

My grade school teacher posted on FB to ask if anyone else seen and heard anything weird because they thought they saw a UFO. My son and I saw jets flying around town and decided to head out of town where there is less light pollution, about 7mi north of Omak on Omak-Riverside Eastside Road, just shy of the Reservation boundary.

We stopped the car and shut off the engine. We got out and looked around for the jets that we saw leave our view from Omak. We saw one jet coming out of the Northeast, then we saw a faint, blue light zooming out of the west on an intercept course. They seemed to see each other and both the jet and UFO headed southeast, but then the jet veered west, where the UFO then proceeded Northeast.

The UFO could travel really fast compared to the jets. At times, it seemed like a faint, blue streak. We stuck around out there for a little bit, but no jets, or UFO's could be seen, or heard and we returned home.

The bright moonlight made it hard to see the blue light moving across the night sky.