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Occurred : 10/1/2014 22:00 (Entered as : 10/2014 22:00)
Reported: 10/21/2014 2:29:17 PM 14:29
Posted: 11/6/2014
Location: Granbury, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
2 triangle shaped UFO's. One was close and flew over head the other was distant and hovered in place.

I’m not sure how this page works but I had a 100% definite UFO encounter last night and thought i would share it! Me and my roommate had gone outside(it was about 9-10 pm) to smoke a cigarette and let our dogs out...after being out there for a few minutes we start looking at the stars and notice one seemed very low to the earth and VERY red. It being so red is what initially caught our eyes. After watching it remain perfectly still for at least a couple minutes we write it off as a weird star and move on...then all of a sudden we see something coming towards us to our right. Next thing we know there is something very large starting to fly over us. It had 3 white lights in a triangle shape with a softer, larger, red light in the center.

This thing was flying extremely slow and low...enough so that we were able to make out the shape, a definite triangle. It made a deep, low hum noise very different from a plane or jet (which we hear often living close to airports and runways). We know it was not a plane as it was WAY too low and WAY too close to make such little to no noise. The "UF! O" continued in a straight line until it was over the tree line and out of sight. Once it was out of sight we both started to freak out and something told me to turn back to the unusually red star we had seen. As soon as my eyes looked at the star it started to rise in altitude. I smack my friend, "dude, dude, dude...look!!!" as soon as he saw it moving he said see i knew it wasn’t a star! The second "UFO" continued flying up a short distance and then started at an angle to the left (opposite direction of the closer "UFO"). It continued at a pretty fast speed until it was out of sight. I feel i should mention the entire time this was happening several of the dogs in the nieghborhood were going crazy and would not stop barking for several minutes after. We know we didn’t see a plane and know we saw a triangle shaped craft but have no answers beyond that...