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Occurred : 10/12/2013 20:00 (Entered as : 10/12/13 20:00)
Reported: 10/12/2013 7:18:38 PM 19:18
Posted: 10/14/2013
Location: North Judson, IN
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
3 to 4 bright glowing oarnge balls in a straight line, then made fast movements in a straight line

Hello i am 16 and i have been a major conspirator about aliens being here been here and i was driving in a car and i seen 3 or 4 bright Orangish Redish balls of light in a perfectly straight line and right when i said something about it to my younger twin sister behind me in the back seat and to my friend driving as im in the passesnger it started moving fast towards us but high in the sky and right when it got above us i was looking at it to see if their was wings propellers anything and their wasn't! And no extra lights to signify to other planes helicopters, etc. And their was no like light going out infront of it to see where it was going in the night sky. I then thought maybe i can here if it has a noise and i rolled down the window as my friend slowed down and stopped the car i looked up and listened carefully, no noise what so ever!! When i look back infront of me the other 3 lights are completely gone like they werent even their. When i look behind me at the one i was checking out it came to a complete stop right next to another oarnge glowing ball as they sat right next to each other and hovered for about 10 seconds and then flew away very fast then dissapeared! I am not crazy i am not anything but an observer, ig!