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Occurred : 9/7/2012 01:00 (Entered as : 9/07/2012 1:00)
Reported: 9/9/2012 10:15:09 AM 10:15
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Blain Lake (Canada), SK
Shape: Other
Duration:7 hours
6 ufo's...thought i was a gonner for sure.

on the night of september 7 i was on my way home when i stopped on a back road by blain lake sask. i parked for awhile but when i went to start the truck it was dead, the battery had died because i left the key on. so i was stuck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. i started to get cold because my window was partially open so i started a little fire beside the truck to warm up. i was parked by a bush in the back road. as i was warming up i noticed this very bright light through the trees but thought nothing of it. just a star i thought. after a few minutes i looks at the "star" again. it had moved quite aways from where it was. so i walked back from the tree to get a better look and there it was. It had flashing blue, red, white and green lights at the base of it an it was heading my direction fast. i'm telling you i was scared for my life at that moment. i quickly put the fire out and ran into the bush. the object was hovering ove! r my truck with a huge rectangle shaped light its its base a very bright light. it must have bee about 2 or 3 hundred feet in the air. i was hiding in the bush behind a tree so it wouldnt see me. i was on my hands and knees sitting on my feet for at least 2hrs, my feet went numb but i didnt even notice. i also kept hearing weird noises behind me. heard bubbling water, crackling of branches and a sound which sounded like a hyena or something. i grabbed a sharp stick thinking i was gonna try kill whatever is trying to get me. it was very intense, i thought, i cant die like this. a flash of my kids popped in my head and i turned my fear into anger at that moment. but before i stood up, there was another one, exact same as the first it was like the first one was watching my truck and the second one was scanning the bush for me. i stood up by the tree and made a run for it because i figured for sure there was something behind me in the bush and i wasnt gonna let it get me. i ran! to the field at the end of the bush and looked back towards t! he truck and it had left, light was off and it started heading south, very slowly. there was a third one travelling beside it and i dint even notice it was there but didnt matter to me because they were both leaving. the second one had stopped over the bush and stayed there for at least 4,5 hrs. in that time i was looking around for more and saw a fourth one hovering, it was probably at least ten miles away. that one didnt move. in that same direction i saw the fifth one fly by th 4th one comming towards me, very fast with no sound at all coming from any of them. the 5th one just flew right be me headn south till it dissapeared. then i seen a 6th one coming from the same direction but also flew by me heading south till it was gone. by this time i was freezing and thought if they didnt do anything to me now they probably would have done it already. so i walked back to the truck and started another fire with the second object in plain sight. it stayed in that same spot until daylight ! came then it slowly started going up until it dissapeared. i found someone down the road and flagged them down and hge gacve me a boost and i got the heck out of there. i dont know what to make of it but i do have questions i know can never be answered.