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Occurred : 12/7/2004 21:00 (Entered as : 12/07/1904 21:00)
Reported: 12/7/2004 11:07:21 PM 23:07
Posted: 12/14/2004
Location: Kingsport, TN
Shape: Diamond
Duration:15-25 minutes
A large amount of UFO's in the sky, including a low flying one that was nearly silent and a sort of diamond shape with 5 lights.

My next door neighbor came over to use the phone and mentioned that while we had been to the store, she was knocking on our door to show us a UFO that she had spotted in the sky. That's not the sort of thing that I usually accept as a possibility, but about a month before this, I spotted something odd in the sky as well and so did a few others, but it was too high up to be sure exactly what it was.

My wife went outside to smoke a cigarette and the neighbor was heading back over to her apartment when I heard them both call for me to come see something. They sounded like it was urgent, so I grabbed up my son out of his playpen and headed outside to see what was up. They pointed up to the sky and there were bluish, rather dim lights that almost looked like stars, but they were moving in a mostly straight pattern across the sky. They were going reasonably fast, but not any faster than an airplane might fly. But then, we looked around longer and realized that there were more of them, and not all of them were flying the same direction. Some where going straight and some were curving around. Others flew by that had reddish or amber lights instead.

Now I've seen lots of planes, but these did not fly like planes or helicopters, or any type of aircraft that I've ever laid eyes on. Not to mention, some of the lower flying ones appeared to have more than one light, and they tended to be in a diamond/triangular type shape. My neighbor, wife and I all stood there awestruck for minutes pointing out to each other when another one would fly into view.

This was all truely amazing, but there was more to come. All of the sudden, we saw one fly across MUCH lower than all of the others and it flew quite slowly (slow enough that an airplane would have stalled out), where we had a plain view of the shape and lighting of it. It's very hard to explain and I wish I had remembered to grab my camera, but I was in shock and could not think straight until it had already passed out of sight. The lights were mostly blue and in a diamond shape with 5 lights, although some of the lights alternated between red, blue and green. The rear of the object was a little longer than the rest of it. There were no corners or points anywhere on the was completely smooth and rounded, yet it still had a diamond type shape. It was no more than 500 ft in the air above us, and when it went right over, I could vaguely see a disc type shape on the bottom, and some sort of strange markings that were illuminated slightly by the lights, but it was hard to make out and really unlike anything I've seen. It was also nearly completely silent. I couldn't really hear it at all, but my wife said she heard a slight humming noise. It was obvious that it was not a helicopted or plane, because I've heard them both fly over at that altitude, and they made LOTS of noise. This made almost none.

I had to take the baby in, since it was getting really windy not long after this, but apparently my wife spotted two more diamond shaped UFO's a few minutes later. I had my wife come in a watch the baby so I could look at the sky some more and I noticed several other lights...flashing this time in the sky. Those were obviously airplanes (about 5 of them). They were flying around the area, sort of making passes, like they were searching for something.