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Occurred : 2/20/2004 02:00 (Entered as : 02/20/2004 2:00)
Reported: 5/2/2004 1:16:52 PM 13:16
Posted: 5/4/2004
Location: Silverhill (SE of), AL
Shape: Light
lights in the middle of the night in South Alabama

My mother, brother, and I went down to south Alabama for Mardi Gras this year and spent the night at our grabdmothers house. The firts siting occurance took place at 2:00am around Feb. 22, 2004. the locatiopn of the house is in the middle of nowhere so it is unlikely that it was people. The only person who saw this light was my grandmother so this part is second hand. She claims that she woke up around 2 o'clock in the morning by a blood red light flashing in her room, she stated that the light was only there for about 3 min. there was no sound. the way the room is situated on the bottom cornor of the house she could see the lights in her bathroom window and side window, she claims that it light the hole room up like a roman candle. that after noon i went to the area were there might have been tracks and could not find any.

the second occurance took place the same day that night. i was out in the guest house with my brother watching TV. my brother had already gone to bed and was sleeping across the room. when i went to bed it turned off the lights in the house and left the tv on so i could watch a little more. a few min later a yellow light flashed out side the kitchenette window and light up the small one room house i did not take into consideration that it might have been a UFO because a drivewa runs right behind the house and i dismissed it as the neighbor, but the only thing that got me to rethink me evaluation was the absence of noise from the hole event. if you have seen anything like this win south Alabama or west Florida during this time please post your siting report.

i dont know how much this has to do with the siting but just a few days later i had a wierd dream that i was standing in a field and i could feel the wind blowing, i was looking up in the sky watching the stars and a pllane flew into view as the plane reached the center of my sight an object behind the plane light up vvery brightly causing me to squint. the object was a circular craft with lights that spun around the craft it manuvered itself over the plane witch light up appearing to be a boeing 747 (i live in Savannah, GA so i know the difference in a UFO and an airplane of any type) then another hugh flash of light and the Plane was gone and the UFO fle woff at a great speed to my left in the dream at a great rate of speed.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))