NUFORC Sighting 179942

Occurred: 2023-12-20 03:00 Local
Reported: 2023-12-20 18:17 Pacific
Duration: 20-30 minutes
No of observers: 2 - Pilot

Location: Horace, KS, USA
Location details: 37000’ in the vicinity of the HGO vor, traveling east

Shape: Unknown
Color: White
Estimated Size: Unable to determine
Viewed From: Aircraft
Direction from Viewer: East
Angle of Elevation: 30
Closest Distance: Unable to determine
Estimated Speed: Unable to determine

4 white lights of changing intensity resembling stars moving in a portion of the night sky.

We were operating a commercial flight from LAS to ORD at an altitude of 37k’ over eastern Colorado. The first object was seen as we approached the vicinity of the HGO vor… we watched them move for approximately 30 minutes or so until we reached the waypoint identified as KK57C. After which the objects seemed to become more faint, ultimately becoming impossible to see. The objects moved in a portion of the sky approximately 25*-35* above the horizon and between headings of 070* and 110* as we flew an approximate track of 080*.

Early during the sighting the 4 lights would appear incredibly bright, remain illuminated for approximately 5 seconds then gradually fade only to reappear again in a different position. The objects when lit, would also be moving. They appeared to move in all directions, sometimes independently and sometimes in unison with one another often times in pairs as they moved parallel to each other. A few times the objects seemed to rotate around each other as they moved through the sky. Their motion appeared smooth with no erratic movements during the entire event. We were not the only aircraft to see these objects, as pilots of other aircraft were broadcasting on one of our common frequencies asking if other people were seeing these lights. Early in the sighting when the objects were the brightest, it appeared as if they were within the earth’s atmosphere at an altitude that was much higher than our own. However, as time progressed the objects appeared to be more distant, having the appearance of moving stars until we could no longer see them.


Report from airline pilot.

Posted 2024-02-15

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