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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/12/2023 21:40 (Entered as : 03/12/2023 9:40 PM)
Reported: 3/23/2023 3:49:31 AM 03:49
Posted: 4/9/2023
Location: Oxnard, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 9:40pm - 10:30pm
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
850' AGL directly overhead @ 65 mph air speed inline 1 behind the other each had 3 distinct extremely bright lights front, bottom, rear

I live very near Point Mugu Naval Base. Walking westbound on Woolley Rd from offshore on a Sunday night I approached Victoria Ave, a walk I've made many times at night. This particular night though I was going to Ross's to get some new shoes, it was now 9:40pm and they closed at 10pm. I still had a 15 minute walk to get there. So I could only observe the lights for a minute. After a minute they appeared not to be any closer, but stationary. I know the night sky to the west from that location. These were unusual. I have been an aviation enthusiast since I was flushing cloth diapers down the toilet then watching dad snake it, lol. There was absolutely no wind that night and the flight path they were on was highly unusual for Oxnard airport whos tower is unmanned at night and the downwind leg of the flight path in 0 windspeed conditions is to the east. Typically anything landing there that time of night are things like Gulfstream jets and such and fly straight in on final approach. The downwind leg takes aircraft rite down the middle of Taffrail Lane + or - a little north/south deviation of my house location. The altitude of an aircraft as it passes over my street & house when you're in the downwind leg of the pattern would be 850' and is typical of any civilian airport. Since this is most definitely not a flight path military aircraft follow and I wasn't sure what to make of them at the time, I moved on. I left Ross's on Channel Islands Blvd at 10:05pm and made it back to the same viewing location of the night sky from Victoria & Woolley Rd where I initially seen them and they were still there and hadn't seemed to move at all. I continued to watch them from that location for about a minute and continued East down Woolley Rd toward the street just before Offshore, but this time I walked on the Northside of Woolley Rd so I could keep the lights in sight. These were not glowing orbs or behaving erratically in any way. I wasn't going eastbound long on Woolley when I could see that they were clearly getting closer now. Their distance from me when stationary was 2-4 miles as they were significantly brighter than the stars and weren't very high in the sky. It was now about 10:20pm. Virtually everything in this town shuts down at 10pm especially everything South of Woolley, especially to the east. Now they were about to pass directly overhead and I was only about 500-600' from my house on Taffrail Lane and standing on the sidewalk approximately 100' west of Offshore. I Estimated 65mph ground speed, winds were at 0mph, I faintly heard one vehicle in the distance, but only for a moment. The time they took to pass over me was much longer than the cars interuption of the silence. As they passed overhead they made no sound whatsoever. Believe me I was listening hard. I can't hear an aircraft in the sky and not look up and am always looking up. Anyways, the whole time during their approach I'm looking for navigation lights & strobes and see nothing. All I see is glare. A very bright glare. I've spent much time at night at the end of the runway at Nellis Air Force Base in Vegas, these lights were much brighter than aircraft landing lights. The four UAP'S were traveling inline with about 100 yards of separation. One behind the other. I'm diligently looking at this first craft and the 3 other craft following it. All displaying the exact same characteristics, glare. No navigation lights or strobes can be seen at anytime during the entire event. As the leading craft passes over I see 3 very bright lights, one at the front preventing any observance of detail then a second light of the same intensity further obstructing any kind of observance as I was now looking straight up at what I could now at least tell what was the middle of it's bottom and the 3rd light at the rear coming into view and having the same intensity as the first two and all preventing any observance of the craft they belonged to. Remember I told you how quiet the night was, you could've heard a cricket fart. All joking aside, these things made absolutely no sound whatsoever and my hearing is fine. These things were the size of a two story house easy and only 850' above me. As the 2nd craft was overhead the first made a gradual turn to the North and out over the city. It maintained this turn until it had made a full circle and came up behind the fourth craft and passed over me again. The sky's were clear and as the lead craft first started to circle around back to the rear of the fourth I was finally able to get a slight glimpse of it's shape, but it was very slight and the other three were still passing over so I was dealing with their glare at the same time. Still no navigation lights, red or green and no strobes. I watched the four of them as they continued East 3-4 miles then turned right into Point Mugu's airspace where I lost sight of them as houses and various two story structures now blocked my view from where I stood on Taffrail Lane just a 100' West of Offshore. To me this is the military hiding it's operation of a fleet of at least for craft with some sort of propulsion that is completely silent. I will gladly submit to any kind of testing, hypnosis, psychiatric, lie detector, sodium pentothal or whatever. People want answer's and what I seen is to me highly anomalous of any UAP/UFO reports I've ever heard and their happening within site of a public street and apparently going to land at Point Mugu Naval Base where for years testing of top secret technology has gone on. I'm familiar with this as I grew up here where my father was assigned to the USS Norton Sound 58'-62' and was part of "Project Argus". He was on the ship with Dr. Van Allen when they were proving the existence of the radiation belt and exploring ways to combat against EMP's. I only learned of my father's involvement in Project Argus after it was declassified and he had died from the cancer. He never spoke of his time in the Navy while he was alive and declassification took place after his death. Thank you for your time.