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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/22/2023 09:42 (Entered as : 03/22/2023 9:42 AM)
Reported: 3/23/2023 12:33:18 AM 00:33
Posted: 4/9/2023
Location: Nespelem, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 1 minutes
Three aircraft flying low only 100ft or so in the air air

Me my wife and mother and law went for a drive to a nearby town called elmer, noticed a star that had been following us all night wich we thought was a drone, we figured it was state patrol or something but when we got home we were out on the porch smoking a cigarette and watching it then it started to scare us because it seemed like the whole sky was a different like the stars were changing colors around us but not above us, after noticing strait above us was normal what we thought was a bat or owl or nocturnal flying animal we saw three objects in the air flying really slow making no sound at all and by the appearance of it as close as it was did not seem man made at all it was terrifying how close they were you could see all the detail in the aircrafts what couldn't have been any bigger than a one ton truck they disappeared right after they got out of the illumination from the street lights and we're completely invisible in the night sky, we probably wouldn't have seen them if they weren't flying so low over head... There's been a lot of strange anomaly been going on in the night sky recently in the last couple of months now that I think about it, shook me up enough to file a report about it because it deeply disturbed me, frightened me that's why others should know what I saw ( I would like to be fully anonymous and report confidentialy)