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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/9/2021 22:25 (Entered as : 04/09/2021 10:25 PM)
Reported: 3/14/2023 10:10:59 AM 10:10
Posted: 4/9/2023
Location: Woodstock, NH
Shape: Disk
Duration: total 5.5 hr
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color, This is a possible UFO abduction case, Missing time was experienced, Marks found on body afterwards, Animals reacted to the event
Blinking lights in the sky on normal route home and 4 hours of missing time

I was living in Warren at the time and visiting a friend in nearby town Thornton, with another friend who lived close by to me in Glencliff. We left to head home around 9:30. I remember when I first got in the car, I spotted a bright orange light in the sky, I became fixated on this light while driving, and kept glancing up at it. I mentioned to my friend who before we left became extremely tired all of a sudden, I kept waking her up to tell her that it seemed like the orange light was traveling alongside of us. As I drove to Lincoln to make a stop at the store I kept looking at it's position to other lights and stars in the sky and it kept changing in relation to other bright lights in the sky, so I was certain that seemed like it was following us. I made a stop at the store and grabbed a couple items before the trip home over rt. 118, a remote scenic mountain back road which is approximately a 40 minute drive from where we were at the store in Lincoln to home, and the time was about 10pm. My friend was in a deep sleep in the passenger seat as I left and proceeded to drive home all while still glancing up at the orange light every chance I could which never left it's position just over my left shoulder. I remember nearing to where I consider to be the halfway point and the light moved to become brighter and more in front of me to the left and then I noticed maybe 3 or 4 bright lights join the orange light. I slowed down an tapped my friend and asking her to wake up because she had to see this! Then in that moment, I stopped the car right in the middle of the road and it lit up in front of us, my entire view was lit up in horizontal row of blinking lights! The sparkling lights hovered closely and directly in front of my vehicle. I took as many pictures as I could and a short video. It was incredible!!
Here's where it gets a little weird (from what I recall)... I pulled into my friends driveway to drop her off, I woke her up to tell her she was home and the first thing she said was "OMG, look at the time! How did it take us so long!? and then my phone rang immediately after (no cell service in that region so my phone had connected to her wifi when we arrived) I answered to my boyfriend at the time yelling at me asking where I was, he told me he had just opened his eyes and started freaking out because he was worried why I wasn't home yet and reached for his phone to call me and at the same time my friends boyfriend came out of the house yelling "where have you been!?" he said he just woke up and felt instantly worried when he opened his eyes and realized the time and that she wasn't there, then immediately heard us pull in the driveway. They also both told us they didn't remember falling asleep or going to bed, it was 3:08am! When I woke up the next day I went back over to her house to show her the video I took and she barely remembered it, she had forgotten it happened until I showed her the video. In the commotion the night before I didn't really understand why the guys were freaking out but then thinking back, I don't remember continuing home after that moment up until the moment I pulled into her driveway. We still have no explanation for why a 40 minute trip took us 4 hours, what it was I saw, or what happened in that time.
There are details leading up to and following this event but it would take days to write it all out as to my theories about what could have occurred, but both my friend and I feel we weren't harmed and I don't feel scared when thinking about it which I do almost everyday.

** I have 4 images and a 20 second video of the moment I stopped in the middle of the road, I had to remove them to submit this form.