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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/19/2022 23:20 (Entered as : 09/19/2022 11:20 PM)
Reported: 9/20/2022 11:22:28 PM 23:22
Posted: 10/8/2022
Location: ,
Shape: Circle
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects, Entities were seen
Shadowed beings,' with red glowing eyes.

1. Story, One: The conjoined, entities.
When my family, and me, lived in Fallon, Nevada. My third, eldest, sister, went to sleep on the Living-room couch, with our father. At night, while, everyone was a sleep. She woke up, to a large, bright orb, that came out of the crack between the wall, and the fake, Fireplace. The orb, then formed into three, conjoined, shadowed beings, in the dark kitchen. All three, of the entities, had red, glowing eyes.' The entities, then watched her fall back to sleep.

2. Story, Two: The doll, filled shed.
The supernatural, did not stop in Fallon, Nevada. The entities, followed my family, and me, to many different houses.' One of the houses' the entities had followed us too, was my grandmother's, home in Yerington, Nevada. My grandmother, made dolls' so, her shed was filled with dolls.' While, my third, eldest, sister, played in the shed. She had seen the dolls' arm move.

3. Introduction
My family, and me, then moved to the state of Washington. That is when I began to become aware of the supernatural activities, and belongings,' would be moved, or vanish. The cabinets,' and the drawers' would open, and close by an un-explainable force, and items' would me pushed off the counters' by an un-explainable force.

4. Story, Three: The Intruder.
Our parents,' left my siblings,' and me, home alone. Before they left, the doors' had been locked, for our safety. While, our parents,' were gone. My siblings,' and me, stayed in the first-story room. Suddenly, the front, and the back door, slammed open, on sync. Then someone, entered through the back-door. It sounded like the intruder, wear Flip-flop shoes, and held keys' that clacked, as they ran through the Kitchen, Living-room then up the stairs.' My siblings,' and me, became concerned, for our safety. My first eldest sister, looked out of the back, and the front door, and saw nobody. Then my siblings,' and me, went to look up the stairs.' We looked through the Closets,' Bed-rooms,' and the Bath-room. It was unexplainable, when we did not find the intruder.

5. Story, Four: The Christmas, cookies.
On Christmas Eve, my third, eldest, sister, set cookies on the Kitchen table, for Santa. On Christmas, some of the cookies, and half a cookie had been eaten. My two, eldest, siblings,' were in Foster-care, at the time, so it ruled them out of this story, and no-body else, claimed to be the culprit, for the eaten cookies. Could it have been an entity, that ate the cookies?

6. Story, Five: The Cat, cut-out.
Early, one morning, I sat on the floor, by the foot of my parents' bed. I watched my mother sleep for a moment because, I wanted to wake her up. It felt wrong for me to wake her up from her sleep, so I instead, cut out the shape of a Domestic, House, Cat out of a Seven-Up soda, wrapper. Once, I placed the cut-out on the floor. The cut-out, began to slide. I called, for my youngest, sister, to come in the room, so she could see the cut-out slide, for her-self. She refused to join me, so I was left to see the phenomenon my-self. The cut-out, then slid under the Rocking-Chair, that was near me.

7. Story, Six: The blood, red eyes.
One night, I slept with my parents.' because, I was afraid of the dark. I woke up, to the sound of someone moving the cents,' and other belongings' that had been in the Dresser, Drawer that was beside the bed. Once, the sound stopped, and continued again. I turned my head around to see who it was, that created the noise. I expected, to see someone standing by the Dresser, Drawer. I instead, made eye contact with an entity, that was silhouette-less in the dark, closet, and the entity, did not blink, or move, and the entity, was eye level to me, and had humanoid shaped eyes, that completely glowed a bright, blood, red color. Soon after, our eye contact, I quickly, turned around. As, I turned around, my body became stiff because, I was afraid of the entity. I managed to turn completely around regardless, of my newly formed stiff body. Once, I was turned around, I looked over the shoulder of my father, who slept beside me. I wanted to jump over him, so that I was barricaded from being the nearest to the closet. During the time I looked over him. I felt my time run out, to make the decision of jumping over him, that felt like a risk. I instead, laid my head to rest on the pillow. I pressed half my face, as hard as I could into the pillow. I felt grateful, for my hair, that fell infront of my face, that partially hid me, and I closed my eyes,' as tight as I could as if, I dared my-self not to look at my surrounding, again. As I laid there, my heart was beating fast because, I was afraid of the entity, and I felt exposed, watched. Aswell as if, someone hovered over me. I was also, a little curious, to see if the entity, moved, or left me alone. I eventually, fell a sleep after, I laid there, for awhile. After, that night, I never again woke up to the entity. I also, had dreams' about the entity. The entity, watched me from the vents,' and for a few occasions, I woke up to cents,' attached to my face. May-be, the cents' were left, for me by the entity?

8. Story, Seven: The shadowed, man.
One night, while, my father was gone. My third, eldest, sister, went to sleep with our mother. At night, she woke up to a shadowed, silhouette of a man, that stood at the foot of the bed. The man, was about, a couple inches shorter than the ceiling, with shoulders about the width of the door-way, and he was nearly transparent with red glowing eye's. My sister, then tried to wake up our mother. Once, she failed to wake her up. She hid under the blanket, until she fell a sleep.

9. Story, Eight: The entity, that wanted to fight.
One night, while my father, was trying to sleep. He heard someone quickly, rush into the room. He then, felt someone grab him by his leg, just above his ankle. Then the entity, pulled him half-way down his bed, with such a force, that the top, left corner of the bed was pulled from the wall, toward the door. My father, then got up to fight, who-ever pulled him on the bed. Suddenly, a dark mass, taller than he was materialized in-front of him. In a matter of seconds,' the mass shrunk to his height. My father, then got his hands,' and arms' ready, into a punching position. He was barely, able to see the mass's arms' mimic his action.
Then suddenly, the mass, vanished in thin air. My father, that was stressed, called out to my mother, that was in the Bath-room. Once, she walked into the room, she believed him. Because, the bed was pulled from the wall. My father, then went to sleep, and my father, woke up, and fell a sleep, to the red glowing eye's/s,' that appeared into the room, and watched him.

10. Story, Nine: The red glowing eye's, in the Bath-room.
My third, eldest, sister, and me, me talked in the dim lit room. While, we were talking. She noticed, red glowing eye's, that watched us from the Bath-room. When, my sister, mentioned to me, about the eye's. I quickly, turned toward the eye's, but the eye's, had already vanished.

11. Story, Ten: My red, eye's.
One morning, I tried to wake up my mother, so she could sign my School paper. When, she woke up, she shouted, in a stressed voice, "Red, eyes,' red, eyes!" As, she pointed at me. Her reaction toward me, made me cry. My father, and my third, eldest, sister, tried to calm me down. My mom, then apologized, to me once, she realized her reaction was wrong.

12. Story, Eleven: The sound, of heavy walking.
One night, while, our parents,' were gone. My two, siblings,' and me, stayed in the first-story, room. Suddenly, we began to hear the sound, of heavy walking, from the second story floor. The entity, walked through the two, Bed-rooms,' and the Bath-room. The floor, even squeaked, due to their weight. The entity, then proceeded to walk down the stairs,' and walked half-way through the Living-room before, they walked back up the stairs.' Only, to repeat the process, again. My siblings,' and me became scared, and we tried to call our parents.'

13. Story, Twelve: The Radio.
One night, our mother, my two, siblings,' and me. Were watching T.V. together, in our parents' Bed-room. Then suddenly, we were interrupted by the Radio, that powered on by an unknown force. When all four, of us approached the Radio. We discovered that the Radio, did not have a power source. Such as, plugged in an Out-let, or Batteries, and a Disk.
The sound, emitted from the Radio, cleared, and staticed, and was loud.

14. Story, Thirteen: The liquid.
One night, while, I was trying to sleep. I suddenly, felt liquid, sprinkle accross my body. I looked, at my arm to see, and feel the moisture. I then, looked at the ceiling, from my Bunk-bed. After, I closely examined the ceiling. I determined, that the ceiling was not leaking, or cracked. Then, I went to sleep.

15. Story, Fourteen: The gold, orb.
When my youngest, sister, and me sat on the floor. Inbetween us, a small, gold Orb, came from the ground. Then the Orb, went in, and out of the floor before, it vanished back into the floor.

16. Story, Fifteen: The flashing, Ball.
In the morning my youngest, sister, and me, were waiting to be dropped off at school. At the bottom of the stairs.' I noticed, the inner ball, of a Bouncing-Ball, that light's up, roll toward the stairs.' Then, the Ball, stopped, and rolled away out of my view.

17. Introduction
My family, and me, then moved to the state of Nevada.

18. Story, Sixteen: The U.A.P., that flew over my school.
While, I was outside, at school, talking to my friend. Something, large dashed accrossed the sky. The object, flew by, so fast it was as if, I blinked. I then, turned toward the direction I thought the object had gone. I asked my friend, if she saw it. She did not reply to me until, years later, when I mentioned the topic, again, and she said "yes." My youngest, sister, saw it, aswell.

19. Story, Seventeen: Someone, grabbed my blanket, and sat on me.
For a few nights,' someone, kept pulling the blanket off of me. Before, the blanket was entirely pulled away from me, I grabbed the blanket. while, I held on to the blanket, my finger tips' began to hurt. I was too tired, to see who it was. After, I was left alone I felt anger, that made me want to punch my sister, who slept beside me, but I was to tired, so I went to sleep. Also, someone, sat on me, while I was trying to sleep. When I was about to turn my head, to see who it was. They got up off of me, and walked away.

20. Story, Eighteen: My dreams,' about U.A.PS.'
I had a dream, of a small triangle shaped, object. that slip up the wall, behind the head-board of the bed while, I was a sleep. Then in my dream, I woke up to the triangle, and I hid under the blanket. I am not sure, if it was my third, eldest, sister, or it was me, and I had another dream. The mountain, behind the house, that I live in poured lava, and large, black, levitating triangles' formed in in the sky. Around the triangles,' a Honey-comb, pattern formed. Some of the combs,' vanished revealing the night sky.
While, everyone, from this small town evacuated.

21. Story, Nineteen: A disk, shaped U.A.P..
At night, my grandmother, my parents,' and me, was out-side. My father, asked me to grab his key's, that was inside on the counter. When I was out-side, to give him his key's. All three of them, were talking about seeing a disk, shaped object, that flew over them, that was visible among the night sky. After, I knew about the object, I looked up at the sky, hoping to see it too.

22. Story, Twenty: The U.A.P., that flew above the mountain.
About a year later, our parents,' bought our new home. While, my father, was teaching me to paint the trim. My youngest, sister, mentioned to me, that there was something flying in sky. Once, I turned toward the mountain. I saw a large, dark colored spherical object. The object, flew along the peaks' of the mountain. The object, re-appeared, for a few other days.' Only, to do the same thing.

23. Story, Twenty-One: Un-explainable activity, occured at my friend's house.
After, I told my friend, about the un-explainable
activity, that my family, and me, experienced. un-explainable activity, began to occur at my friend's house.
The toilet, lid slammed shut, and the paper plates,' that was in the pantry. Fell to the ground, by an un-known force.

24. Story, Twenty-Two: The white dot, in the sky.
When I sat on the porch, with my father. He mentioned to me, that there was something hovering above in the sky. When, I looked up. I saw an object, that looked like a small white dot, in the sky. Then, the object, flew over the house, out of our view.

25. Story, Twenty-Three: The two, black rocks,' that fell from the sky.
When I sat on the porch, while my father fixed his truck. Suddenly, rocks' fell out of the sky, that landed into the back of his truck. My father, picked up the small two, black rocks,' and gave them to me. Once, I sat back on the porch, I looked up at the sky, and i saw no visible source from where the rocks' could have came from. After, I smelled the rocks,' that did not have a smell, I tossed them to the road.

26. Story, Twenty-Four: The liquid, that fell on my father.
When I sat with my father, who was renovating my grandmother's house. My father, felt liquid, fall on him. As, soon, as, I picked up my tipped over, water bottle. After, the liquid, fell on him. He told me that the shower door kept opening, by an un-known force. I felt like he was un-comfortable, to work there alone.

27. Story, Twenty-Five: The board, that flipped from under me.
When my father, stopped by my grandmothers' house, he was renovating. I had the idea to balance walk on a board, that was on the ground. I tried to convince my youngest, sister, to join me, but she refused to, so I balanced on the board myself. Once, I stepped on the center of the board, the board, flipped from under me. I fell backward, un-able to catch myself. My head hit the ground, very hard. Once, I stood up my sister, asked me if I was okay. I said "yes," but I really was not okay. I could not explain why the board, flipped from under me. May-be, I mis-placed my step.

28. Story, Twenty-Six: The star, and the true stars.'
When I looked out of my window, to view the stars.' I noticed, an object, that looked equivalent to the small stars' in the sky. The object, circled a star. As, the object, circled the star, it went in, and out of the star. Then the object, traveled to the next star. Only, to do the same thing it had done to the last star. The object, followed the Milky-way strip, without altering it's behavior.

29. Story, Twenty-Seven: The object, that flashed.
When I looked out of my window, to view the stars.' I noticed, a spherical shaped object, that flew low. The object, flashed a white mixed lite blue light, and the object, flew above the house out of my view.

30. Story, Twenty-Eight: My third, eldest, sister's, apartment is haunted.
My third, eldest, sister, told my parents,' and me, that her apartment is haunted. One day, while she was gone, and came back to her apartment. Her T.V. screen was broken as if, someone punched the T.V.. It was un-explainable, because, her apartment door was locked, and one day, I visited her, I sat below the A.C. unit, that was installed on the second story window. Once, I changed my seat, to sit somewhere else. The A.C. unit, fell out of the window onto the chair, that I was previously sitting on. My sister, knew it was un-explainable. Because, it had to take force to push the A.C. unit, out of the window.

31. Story, Twenty-Nine: The large shoe.
When my parents,' were 4-wheeling. They eventually, stopped. Once, my mother, walked away from the 4-wheeler. she came accrossed an abnormally large shoe. The shoe was, so big, that she took a picture of it, compared to her shoe size.

32. Story, Thirty: The shadow, and the mountain.
When I was Bird watching, out of my window. I saw a large spherical shaped shadow, dash accrossed the mountain. Without, a visible source that created the shadow.

33. Story, Thirty-One: The under-ground, bunker.
My mother, hired a man, to look at the condition of my grandmothers,' now abandoned house. The man, refused to go down into the under-ground, bunker. Because, he felt un-comfortable, like many watched him. Unless, my mother, went into the bunker, with him.

Disclaimer: I tried to organize, and punctuate the story, correctly. This is also, a 100/100% true story.