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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/30/2021 21:30 (Entered as : 11/30/2021 9:30 PM)
Reported: 8/3/2022 9:33:08 AM 09:33
Posted: 9/9/2022
Location: Rossville, GA
Shape: Circle
Duration: About 30 min?
Characteristics: The object made a sound, This is a possible UFO abduction case, Entities were seen
A bright orb coming towards my window, which became two alien beings.

Report: Turns out, it probably wasn't just a funny dream....
This will be a bit long-winded, because it extends across much of my life. (I'm 61 now.) I didn't put the pieces together until recently, when my family became interested in UAP reports. They are urging me to report my experiences, so I am.
When I was about ten or so, we lived in Rossville, Georgia. This would have been sometime between 1968-1969. The bedroom that I shared with my sister was at the front of the house, elevated above the garage/full-height basement beneath, so I was basically on a 'second-floor' level, with a great view of the night sky above the trees through the front window, as I lay in bed.
This occurred in late Novemember, or early December. It was probably about 9:30 pm or so, as I was still trying to go to sleep, when I saw a 'star,' moving very quickly towards the house. Wide-eyed, I saw it approach the window, getting brighter and brighter. When it was about to hit the house, I squeezed my eyes shut and tensed for the impact of what I was sure was a meteor or something. It was so bright, I could still see the light through my closed lids.
When the impact should have come, the light blinked out. I opened my eyes to find two beings standing in my bedroom, looking at me, and at my sister, who was sleeping peacefully in her bed that butted foot-to foot with mine.
Oddly enough, I wasn't scared at all. I was excited! I had never heard of a Grey at that time, but that was what these two beings looked like. They were about 4 feet tall, with large dark eyes, two little slits for nostrils, and a little pursed mouth with no real discernable lips. They had a thumb, and two fingers, though they seemed to move and be jointed differently than ours. They wore plain jumpsuits almost the same grey-mushroom color as their skin, with no discernable insignia, pockets, or closures. Their feet were bare, with a larger toe in the middle, and a smaller one on each side. I remember thinking they looked like chicken feet.
And I was also disturbed that their feet were bare, because it was very cold that night, and chilly even in my room. Because I thought this was a dream for decades, I can't remember exactly what I said, other than I spoke aloud and then would 'hear' them without their lips moving. (My sister slept through it all, without stirring.)
Anyway, I was was delighted by their visit, because I'd recently gotten a book through the Scholastic Book Far that had a Christmas carol in it that spoke of the birth of Jesus occuring over and over across the universe, whereever there was intelligent life: []
First, I told them I was worried that their feet were cold, and although my shoes wouldn't fit their feet, my socks would, and they were welcome to a pair. One of them held out a hand in a 'pause' motion, and with amusement in its 'voice,' thanked me but assured me that they were not cold in the slightest. The other asked me why I wasn't afraid, and I explained to them that they were children of The Creator of All, just like I was, so why should I be afraid, just becasue they look different than me? I then told them about the song's lyrics and asked them if a holy person like our Jesus had come to their planet yet.
We discussed my religious beliefs, my acceptance of alien races, and then, if would I be willing to go with them? I was only hesitant then, telling them that I would love to-- so long as they would promise to bring me back before I had to get ready for school, because I didn't want to terrify my parents by being missing.
That's when the 'dream' faded out, and I woke up as usual in the morning, with a funny story to tell at breakfast. And there it stayed, until I was in my early 30s, and having the first MRI of my life, in one of the first MRI machines in TN (the kind that sounded like you were in a 50 gallon drum, while someone beat on it with a hammer.) This was to examine my heart, so I was only inside the machine to my upper ribs.
While the machine did its thing, this little point, about the size of a matchhead from a paper matchbook, started heating up in the crease of my left groin. It got hotter, and hotter, until I was about to call out and tell the tech to stop the test-- but before it became utterly unbearable, the test ended. The tech had no explanation, because there was no way I had metal in that area.
I shrugged it off as just one of those weird things, until I recently saw a show that talked about alien implants, and the man had one to 'burn out' during an MRI. I had to have a different radiological exam just a couple of weeks ago, and asked this tech if she'd ever heard of anyone getting a searing, burning sensation in a very localized spot. She told me that it only happens if someone has metal under their skin....
Between the 'dream,' and the first MRI, I have had a non-contact UFO siting, then years later, experienced gaining time on a roadtrip, along with my ex-husband and toddler son. I have also frequently experienced three parallel scratches, on my left shoulder blade, that don't quite bleed, but itch like mad and bead up with interstital fluid. They're like pin scratches, far too narrow to be done by my nails, and about 3 inches long. I notice them in the morning, on waking. They just come and go , but no doctor can tell me why.
My ex and I saw a creature that looked like a gargoyle on one occasion. My son, just old enough to say a few words, when he started sleeping in his own room, would wake up hysterical, able only to say that 'bad birds' were coming into his room and telling him to do 'bad things.' This resolved after we anointed every opening in our house, and prayed for angelic protection for our son. He never woke up crying about the 'bad birds' again, nor has any memory of it.
Also, I have had neurological pain down my left leg for years now, starting shortly after the first MRI. This too, has never been able to be medically explained or resolved.
So... make of this what you will. I know it sounds utterly bonkers, and if it hits your 'Delete' pile, I understand. But I assure you, as someone who has a righteous fear of a God Who hates liars, I'm telling you the truth as best I understand it. Before this year, I've never had any real interest in UFOs or aliens, so that is why it's taken me so long to piece this narrative together.