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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/2022 19:15 (Entered as : 07/15/2022 7:15 PM)
Reported: 7/21/2022 12:52:10 AM 00:52
Posted: 9/9/2022
Location: Ruskin, FL
Shape: Circle
Duration: 2-3 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Brightly lit object stationary in the sky for 2-3 minutes, during recording my camera failed and shut off

Easiest for me to do is cut copy and paste this from my social media account

First let me start with a couple of things about me; I have been a fulltime paramedic for going on 30 years and for the past 7 years a paramedic field supervisor, locally in the Tampa Bay area.

Why do I feel this is worth mentioning? Training.

I am trained to objectively observe things, several things at once in a high impact stressful environment. Patient condition and much much more. I have also been trained in investigations, being a supervisor a lot of times I must gather evidence, data, testimony and more to handle incidents or situations with our staff or the public. In all our training we are always reminded to remain objective, gather facts and evidence before concluding anything.
Friday night (7/15/2022) between 7 pm and 730 pm in the evening, I was outside getting the grill ready to fix dinner. Now, I will tell you I live in Florida, just south of the city of Tampa on the Gulf Coast. Near me I have 2 commercial airports; Tampa International, St. Pete / Clearwater International, several small private airfields and then lastly MacDill AFB which is just off to my northwest.

This is Hurricane hurricane/rainy season so while getting the grill going, I was checking the sky around me after hearing a couple rumbles of thunder in the distance to see if I needed to move my grilling dinner up onto the front porch. Seeing the clouds were forming off to my north and west it appeared that I had plenty of time and proceeded to lean up against my car waiting for my grill to finish burning so I could cover it and get ready to BBQ.
While leaning up against my car and looking at the sky I could not help but notice a bright star-like object in the sky. It was definitely bright enough to grab your attention and seemed like it was more like a planet with the off to the west nearing sunset time. I thought about that for a minute while looking and realized that was not possible, working overnights like I do and following some basic astronomy the “parade of planets” has been on going in our morning sky between 4am and 6am, at that time we have been able to see 5 of our solar system neighbors; Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. It was awfully bright to me if in fact it was a star, it was the only one visible. I sat staring at this object for a couple minutes when I decided to grab my phone out of my pocket grab a quick pic/video of it and then see if my Sky Safari app can help me solve the mystery.

Now, this is where shit gets pretty cool. So, I got my camera up on my phone glanced back up to see where it was, I could see it was still just appearing like it was stationery so I quickly snapped a picture and then flipped to video to see if I could get a clearer image and zoom in. I started to record the object and began to talk so that I had some details matching the video and voice together. I rambled on about seeing the object, being in Florida and blah blah blah like a Charlie Brown school teacher for a few more seconds when the video stopped recording on its own, I had not stopped recording. A little message popped up on the bottom of my screen saying something like "internal camera failure" and exited camera mode to my home screen. (More details on this later so read on!)

I was looking upwards at around a 60-75° angle, looking almost due south. It is close to 7:30p on Friday, July 15th, 2022, with an evening temperature with humidity at about Dragon's breath or somewhere in the mid 90s with high heat index. The trees that you see in the video next to the garage stand about 12-15 feet tall (The palm leaves are basically level to the peak of the garage). I had a great reference point, could clearly see the object still appearing like it was not moving so I quickly checked my camera to see if the picture and video saved, it did. Any time I have had a camera fail happen like this, it is almost always when attempting to open the app of as you snap a picture or hit record. I have never had my camera fail mid recording and worth noting, any failure I have had trying to take a photo or video, it has never saved, and I have had to start over again. So having the video capture and 1 photo, I proceeded to pull up Sky Safari to locate my star or planet. When I looked back up to my reference point and its entire surrounding area, the object was gone. I had been watching this object for at least 2-3 minutes in total, the object did not once appear to be moving, in any direction and now it is no longer there!!!

With the Sky Safari App calibrated and ready, I pointed in the direction of where the object was and did find 1 possible match, Zubenelgenubi. It is one of the brighter stars in our night sky, but this is not yet a night sky and there are no other stars to be seen, anywhere. Also, Zubenelgenubi would have only been about 45-50 degrees up on the horizon which would have forced me to have X-ray vision to look through my neighbors' homes, like I said, I was looking upwards about 60-75 degrees.

Living where I do, I am always used to the sights and sounds in the skies around me, like I said, several airports, a military base and plenty of medical, tourist, private, news and law enforcement helicopters... Not counting the 5 branches of military helicopters that fly in and out of MacDill plus Coast Guard. Almost daily I will see or hear helicopters fly directly over the house and when they are hovering, they are noisy! This made no noise that I could hear, which would include the winding like noises of drones, which fly overhead quite often as well.

The other strange thing I noted, the absence of birds. I live about a mile in a half from the Gulf of Mexico nestled nicely in central Florida, birds!?!?? Yeah, lots of them are always flying around chirping like crazy, it is evening time which for a lot of our poultry foul like friends means feeding time. To match the coloring of what I was seeing in the sky, white, here are the birds off the top of my head that I could think of;


Not counting the white birds in our area, there are plenty of other birds that are always out during this time especially when the neighborhood cats are outside wreaking havoc. Mommaz and Thumby. 2 cats that rule the neighborhood most all hours of the day and night. I mention part because normally I can tell you where in our neighborhood these 2 troublemakers are by listening and watching the Blue Jays. They are territorial as hell, hate cats, squawk, and dive bomb them trying to shoo them away from their trees... Mommaz, was laying under my car. These Blue Jays should have lost their ever-loving mind on her laying there and....Nothing, silence.

I was not convinced just yet that what I saw was something unknown and then proceeded to check Sky Safari for the “Big Objects” The ISS (International Space Station) and Hubble Space Telescope. Neither one of these had any orbit crossing over the state of Florida during that time frame. I could easily rule out anything from NASA or Elon’s SpaceX as the location of those from my vantage point were, north northeast of me (about 90 degrees from where I am looking and well out of my peripheral vision) and those launches do not typically happen during this time of night. (And there was nothing scheduled) So I went to my satellite tracking app and checked times and satellites and found 69 objects in space that were over the western hemisphere between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm but, not 1 of them were crossing the south, yet alone Florida. The tracking app did list a few bigger satellites that were going to be visible and times but nothing that matched my time stamps.

The next day while at work I spoke with a colleague of mine about it, he is a full-time professional pilot who works commercially and has access to flight tracking that most of us dream about. We sat and watched dozens and dozens of planes flying over the skies during that time and again, nothing that matched my timeline with the area I was observing. Jokingly I tossed out the good old government excuse of Roswell, WEATHER BALLOONS! And he laughed at me, and then showed me that he can track weather balloons, internet balloons and drones if they are staffed above 400 feet. There was not one single weather balloon, internet balloon or staffed drone anywhere in the central Florida region. While we were watching this video clip together, he also concluded that the object appeared stationary, he and did not have anything else to counter with of what it could be. While we were watching this video, I noticed something that I had not noticed earlier. If you watch and listen closely at the end of the 47th second, the audio shuts off while I am getting ready to speak and does not come back before the camera failed.

I feel that I have ruled out every possibility of what this bright object in the sky was not and have myself concluded that this is a genuine, “Unknown” or UAP (Unidentified Airel Phenomenon) and having a few unexplained incidents makes it an experience. There is not much other data that I can think of to possibly gather. At this point I have been in contact with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and am waiting to hear back from a couple of guys who already messaged me and at some point, this week will be making an official report to the newly formed UAP Task Force as well as MUFON.
I have posted several other screenshots of information in my comments; Satellite information, Star map and more. Please watch the video, watch it again. I was as objective as I could possibly be and, in all honesty, did not actually get excited about this experience until yesterday.
I have already posted something about this incident on Twitter which is how MUFON got a hold of me and had a social media friend who specializes in all thing's photography and video look at the video. It has gotten genuine interest and has so far baffled them too!

I have posted 2 pictures of the object. The first one is 100% unfiltered and like most everyone else’s phone, the brightness of it did not do any justice. Photo 2 has 1 filter added and resembles more of how bright it popped out of the blue sky.

I also uploaded 3 videos. The first video is of the object itself, the second is me pointing out the object is gone, and the third video is about 11 hours later where I captured Jupiter and the moon along with wildlife in the background chirping away. If you compare the photo of the object to the video of Jupiter, the object in my opinion appears brighter. But I will let you decide that.

Video is 415mb and is available upon request… It will not send.