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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/26/2022 20:00 (Entered as : 02/26/2022 8:00 PM)
Reported: 4/18/2022 7:09:49 PM 19:09
Posted: 4/22/2022
Location: Everett, WA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 10-15 minutes total
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
object or objects flying low from south to north

on 2/26/22, I saw some kind of flying object or objects with orange, round lights come over the woods across the street from me. It was coming from the south. No idea of the exact time because it was completely dark and I was so startled I didn't think to look at a clock. I'd estimate perhaps 8PM. It was like a car coming at my house, maybe 30 ft high over those trees, but the lights were a bit further apart (estimating 10-12 ft apart), and all I could see were those 2 orange lights that stayed evenly spaced. So I can't say if it was one object or two or how it was shaped? It dipped slightly and seemed headed for my house. But then it cleared the house so I ran to the front of the house to see if I could still see it. I could. It was heading North but was still very visible and further away. What was so unusual was the silence. Absolutely no noise as a plane would be making. No hum or buzz. And also unusual was how low it was flying. That was scary since it suddenly appeared so close with no warning noise before it was visible.
I've researched to see if a big electric drone might explain it. I couldn't find anything that confirmed that even exists? So I'm left with nothing to explain it and I remain puzzled. But I know what I saw. I only wish I knew what it was!!