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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/24/2021 16:55 (Entered as : 07/24/2021 16:55)
Reported: 7/25/2021 9:03:43 AM 09:03
Posted: 8/16/2021
Location: Bothell, WA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 20 sec
Shiny object moving quickly across the sky N-S Mill Creek / N Bothell WA

North Bothell, WA... Between 4:50-4:55 PM my wife and I were sitting on our front porch which faces East. I know this to be the exact time because we called my sister and cell phone shows called made at 4:52. As we talked on speaker phone, my eye caught something moving north-to-south (from Mill Creek to Bothell) straight across the sky. It was hard to determine elevation and size but likely at a thousand feet or so and small, round shape (?). It was shiny and appeared reflective so hard to determine the exact shape. I saw it first and asked. "what's that?" My wife looks up and immediately says, "a bird". I continued looking to make sure it wasn't a sea gull or white bird flapping wings, and beyond a doubt it was not a bird. I said, no way that is a bird. That looks really strange. She could tell it wasn't a bird either and then replied, "a mylar balloon". Ok, now a balloon caught in a wind current is a possibility and fits som! e of the description. I am rational and reasonable and this could explain it. However, something just seemed off about that explanation. I tried to get my brain to see it as a mylar balloon but the size, speed and way it moved could not reconcile. I would not waste my time reporting this if I was confident it was just a balloon or a drone. We continued to watch it as continued out of view... no other changes as it went out of sight. Am curious if anyone saw and reported this same object?