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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/17/2021 20:30 (Entered as : 07:17:21 20:30)
Reported: 7/25/2021 1:31:34 PM 13:31
Posted: 8/16/2021
Location: Clifton, NJ
Shape: Cone
Duration: 9 days (most days sunset
Characteristics: The object left a trail, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color, The object landed, The object made a sound, There were electrical or magnetic effects, Entities were seen, Animals reacted to the event
Black/silver cones, dome top, red(0/20mph)/white(60mph). Aliens use invisibility cloaks are illuminated by light above/dim light behind

I sleep in the day, and casually walk out at night.

*Video captured evidence* I can prove most info below.

*CPD contacted NASA already after being shown the evidence.* Day 1: Saturday 3:30 AM. Alien walking on the other side of the street. It notices me looking and runs. (appearance later explained) Day 2: Sunday 3:30 AM. I hear the gate open and close after hearing noises in the back yard. I placed my phone recording on the window and record: 5 UFO. 2x metallic black with red glow, cone with dome roof, altitude 70 feet, 30+ minutes stationary. 1x blinking white light in the distance. 2x white streaks of glittery bright light accelerating up at +-60 MPH in between the metallic black UFO and making those metallic black UFO appear silver.

Day 2 and 3 : Sunday 9:30 PM. On house cameras with light pole above it a light illuminated figure is walking down my whole driveway. (5 feet tall, crouch walking with knees very forward, leaning body forward, arms nearly scraping the ground. I go and shine my light outside and donít find it.

Note: The alien is only visible here because the light pole is above it and it is a walking light illuminated figure much like seen on day 1, does not trigger a record but I took a picture. Does not trigger a light sensor either. Invisibility cloak. We have this technology on Earth patented.

Day 4: Tuesday 20: Rattle on the second fence door (not under a light pole.) Day 5: Wednesday 21: I open both gates. I leave some pictures: Itís UFOs (rip black ink), human person with a invisibility cloak shield in front of their legs, and a give take image + a light on the outside table. Tall darkened light 5 feet+ seen at the table. I knock on the window and it runs. Also one of these days I think wednesday there was a flicker of light in the garage in a specific area with the door open it casts a light on the ground as I saw on house camera. No record trigger. I brake the hard drive the day before dropping it trying to get better reception because cameras were cutting out. At a most unfortunate time also.

Day 6: Thursday 22: I open the gate and place pictures of human trading and speaking with alien figure, and some technology images. I notice it move the papers on phone camera recording (doesnít trigger garage lights sensor) I come outside quietly and wave at it while outside. It grabs the paper runs into a corner and looks at it more while something is clicking, drops it and runs my way fast past me because there is no light pole and out the fence door, humming sound and red light visible on garage door reflection 20 MPH sideways and slightly up. Ozone smell.

Thursday mid day: I visit the CPD, file a crazy report but with evidence apparently they contacted NASA. (I noticeb some suspiciously low flying Boeing ďrented?Ē planes turning pulling some gravity Sunday.) I also tried many military bases phone calls and only one was somewhat helpful. NY USAF base that almost scrambled jets until I told then wait wait wait this was a few days ago so they hung up before I could explain that it happens every night. I took my fathers phone because my sim card is locked as I swapped it to a older less damaged phone. My drunk father tries drilling out my door lock as Iím making panic calls. I call CPD because of what my father was doing. 5/6 police arrive they watch the videos they say they contacted NASA already, I get investigated by two from a hospital and they also see the evidence so they say nothing is wrong. Police stay until 9 ish PM and leave. I later in the morning notice I have a burn on my arms , none under my shirt, and s! ome foot pain. I panic thinking itís radiation after 12 hours of exposure and call non emergency CPD number and chug iodized salt, saying the idiot flew over my head and I have radiation/chemical burns and my foot hurts. They come and say yeah that is a burn and get me a ambulance to a hospital. Because Iím talking about aliens and came with CPD they put me on psychiatric watch for 12 hours, deny me iodine tablets, deny me radiation checks, deny me a lawyer call, tell me to shut up when I try to say why they put me there and how itís a mistake. It was filthy in there. They probably donít follow any sanitary laws. I need to sue the hospital. The reason the police came with was so I could give a report of the chemical/radiation I think, or thats why they should have been there because they told me they received word that the other shift told them of the UFO sighting and me when they arrived.

Day 7 Friday 23: I place a drawing showing UFO flyover person burnt and hurt leg. I donít go outside.

Day 8 Saturday 24: I donít go outside. Shortly before sunset there is something in my basement as Iím setting the laundry. It moves back when I look at the glare 3 feet away but barely saw anything except that one glare on itís face. I go up, then I come down whistling and lock the doors. It was still inside in my basement. There was also a glare in my room head level walking out I donít remember if before or after.

Day 9 Sunday AM. Before sunrise banging on the door on phone video, fence door shuts before this. I record minutes before I think it came out there were three silver light emitting drone sized cones with dome roof inches from one another above a house and in front of a tree. Very electric interference in the recording. Strong ozone smell in my house with doors and windows closed. I coughed after I inhaled it this time. I hesitated calling CPD but I did 2 hours after sunrise and the door was unlocked by then. Also when it was knocking the dog was half barking upstairs (afraid to make noise but barking) I never heard that before form him, and before sunrise.

Note: They are not hostile. They donít steal anything, they come in pairs or more, *so donít start a war with a species that can easily drop nukes on us from hovering objects by imprisoning one or worse.* Also note: Help me sue the hospital because their treatment was horrible and they didnít bother investigating the reason why the police came with me, and I donít have money to throw around and bad insurance.

Final note: Seriously donít start a war with these things. I can be the intermediary communication if you want. I donít mind them in my house or standing next to me or abducting (I doubt they would.) But if you harm one the others will know. You donít want a planetary war. Anti gravity is real. The creatures appear almost certainly alien but maybe can be a human pretending but why would anyone do that with this technology demonstrated. The burn marks could be sunburn, and leg pain could be me running out the window from drunk father. Please inform me before coming. They become startled VERY easily and come in pairs+. I can likely arrange some meeting.