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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/31/2002 01:00 (Entered as : 31/12/2002 1:00)
Reported: 4/18/2021 10:37:35 AM 10:37
Posted: 4/23/2021
Location: Island of Koh Chang (Thailand),
Shape: Changing
Duration: 5 minutes
5-minute sighting of 2 Rod-like, shape-shifting objects, moving purposefully, even playfully, before disappearing at impossible speeds.

I spent NYE 2002 on the island of Koh Chang in Thailand. I will be upfront about this: it was a party night, and around 10pm on the 31st me and my friends took some very good ecstasy. Obviously, because of what I'm about to describe, I find it important that I mention that, because although I know I did not hallucinate, I also think the ecstasy helped me perceive something I would not have otherwise. The reason I say this is that my memory of that night, before the sighting, is one of complete awareness of my surroundings, and increased perception generally speaking.

It was a period of heightened sensitivity for sure, but at no point did I hallucinate in any way. We partied, swam in the sea, drank, but at no time was I anything other than hyper-aware of everything around me. At one point I stopped people walking into the path of a lit firework with a sliver of a second to spare, and people congratulated me on a good save and all that, but to me it seemed as though I had plenty of time to process everything. What I'm saying is, yes, my consciousness had been expanded, but I was on point, I was not out of my head. Furthermore, the incident I am about to describe had a clear beginning and end, with a duration of about five minutes. And though those five minutes do sound like a hallucination, they were bordered by, before and after, only hours of clear-headedness where everything looked normal. If what I experienced was a hallucination induced by the E, then it was a very time-specific (5 minutes only!), highly localized hallucination.

After the NY celebrations had wound down a bit, I walked off by myself to find a quiet spot on the beach to look at the stars. The sky was so clear I could see the Milky Way, and more stars than I'd ever seen in my life, or could ever hope to see back home in London. I wanted to take the chance to drink it all in. I estimate it was maybe 1 or 2 in the morning by this time, or maybe even 3. I star-gazed happily for a while, maybe half an hour, with nothing more than what you'd expect to see looking up, when suddenly -very suddenly- these two objects appeared in my field of vision, directly above me. I struggled then and I struggle now to describe them: 'cathedral of light' were the words that came to my mind. The two objects seemed to be changing shape as I watched, with body shapes reminiscent of old TV antennas at time, a criss-crossing of lines, but ever-shifting and changing, although within a boundary pronounced enough for me to make out that there were two separate, dis! tinct objects above me. They seemed to be directly above me, very high up although of course it's impossible to tell. Lights came off them, a light that seemed to emanate from within rather than being affixed onto some outside surface. The objects moved in a very erratic pattern, but something about their movements conveyed to me several things: intelligence, playfulness, determination. They knew what they were doing, and I felt at one point as though they were observing me specifically. I felt a strong sense of recognition, years later, reading about people seeing so-called 'Rods', because a lot about Rods reminded me of what I had seen. The 'crossing but always changing lines' appearance, the super-high speed at which they moved. They played or danced above me for maybe five minutes, and I was able to have a good, long look, but couldn't make any sense of it. Then, without a warning, they took off to the left and crossed the horizon at an incredible speed - a speed that d! id not make sense. I knew nothing man-made could currently mov! e that f ast, then in 2002 and now still in 2021. And in utter silence, to boot! There was never any noise coming from them.

Years later still I was reminded of my sighting by reports of airplanes pilots having seen things that could move at speeds and in ways that just were not possible, by our understanding of the laws of physics anyway. What I saw behaved just like that, disappearing across the sky just like that, instantly going from almost stationary to out of sight. Impossible accelerations.

I stayed and looked up until dawn, but there was nothing more. Everything looked normal once again. The stars, the galaxies, beautiful but expected. I would say the sighting lasted about five minutes, but of course that's just an estimate: I looked around afterwards for anyone on the beach that might have seen it too but there was only me. I remember clearly being unable to look away from the objects once they appeared, almost feeling like I was in a trance looking at them, so maybe those five minutes were shorter, or longer.

This is of course only my opinion, but I believe I saw, not aliens, but organisms that exist within our biosphere, but which we have not yet detected. Like I said, the hyper-awareness from the Ecstasy played a part, I am sure of it. And I know, I just know for sure, it was no hallucination. It was both too detailed and too confined: why would I have hallucinated only that very brief event that night? There were plenty of other things that could have made me hallucinate during the course of the evening, and I never did. Nor, in my life, have I ever hallucinated on Ecstasy, which I must have taken dozens of time in my younger days.