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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1976 13:00 (Entered as : 1976 1300)
Reported: 10/1/2020 2:35:17 PM 14:35
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Graffenwohr (Germany),
Duration: 45 minutes
Characteristics: Missing time was experienced
Dimensional Travel

UFO Center I am United States Defense Department Intelligence Investigative Office Supervisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, ((name deleted)), which makes me the Highest Ranking Defense Department Official to Publicly Acknowledge the existence of Extraterrestrial Life; in 1984 in Seattle I was asked what was the Deepest Secret of Washington, DC.? I replied that the Deepest Darkest Secret of Washington, D.C. was: that Extraterrestrials are Real, Extraterrestrials had been coming to Earth for thousands or millions of years and Yes the U.S. Government was engaged in programs with Extraterrestrials.

But because of the American media Censorship this information was “never” brought to the American People. Even today I am still being Censored for telling the Truth about Washington D.C. because I am “not” a Political Party member “even” by Investigative Reporters who condemn mainstream media Censorship.

I have told People that they should Stop doing Washington, D.C.’s Censorship for them by continuing to say “when” we have contact with Extraterrestrial Life in their long drawn out speeches about what should we do “when” it happens: it happened Decades ago and have active working Relationships with Extraterrestrials.

I have had a number of Encounters with Extraterrestrials one which happened while I was in the U.S. Army the Summer of 1976 as a member of C-Battery 2/81st FA at the Graffenworh Training Facility in W. Germany: one day I was called on to be part of a Clean Up Detail that was assigned to pick up Trash in a wooden area. While moving thought the Forest I saw what I thought was a Doorway to a WWII Bunker and went inside.

Inside I found what I thought to be a Rifle Bunker, I leaned on the Cement and it felt real, I looked out the Firing Portal and saw Forest. After a little more that 2 ½ minutes I left the Bunker. I was immediately grabbed by a Sergeant who asked me “where did I go”? I told him I went into the Bunker and turned around to show him and the Bunker was gone and a large tree was in its’ place.

I looked to my Right and saw 2 Soldiers one standing on the others shoulders with a third Soldier beginning to climb up them. Later one of these Soldiers came to me and told me; they were Brothers from New York, Detroit, Washington D.C. and they did “not” climb Trees, one of the Sergeants had thought that I must have Climbed that Tree and Ordered them to Climb up and see if I was up there.

I was told that I have been missing for 45 minutes. Later I asked the 1st Sergeant’s Clerk, a buddy of mine, about my Disappearance knowing he would tell me the Truth. He said that I had Disappeared for 45 minutes in a matter of fact way. Before I could ask him more a Sergeant came into the Office with Business and I left The following Saturday when the rest of the Unit was released for the afternoon I had to go for a Jeep ride with SGT H and SSG J, we went to the area we did the Clean Up and walked through the Woods to the place I Disappeared. I had been in the Army long enough to know that they wanted me to Change my Report and I would remain there until I did and not be able to go Drink Beer on my afternoon off so, I said to SSG J loud enough for SGT H to hear “for the Official Record I didn’t go into a Bunker”(I was never asked where I did go if not into the Bunker) “but off the Record I did go into a Bunker”.

SSG J said to me that I was not the only one to go into the Bunker there were other Soldiers who had also gone into a Bunker in the Forest and Disappeared from their Units.

Later when I had the time to sit and think about the situation I came to the conclusion that I had been used by the Extraterrestrials in a Scientific Study like when we put Mice into a maze to see how they figure it out.

All of the Soldiers who saw the Doorway and went inside, no other Soldier saw the Doorway only them.

Where the Doorway led to was a Different Dimension that was created by the Extraterrestrials; one thing I noticed momentarily was the German Grass Directional Marker that I saw from the inside the Bunker I had passed in the Forest further back and should not have been able to see it from the Bunker but I Dismissed it at the time The most important thing that showed it was a Created area was the fact that in a Bunker that had been open for over 40 years there was no: Dirt, Pine Needles, Leaves, Flies, Spider Webs or other insects it was just clean light grey Cement. This didn’t catch my attention because I had been on Construction Sites with my Union Carpenter father and had seen newly poured Cement before but it didn’t Alarm me. What I did Think was; why weren’t there other Soldiers in there since it would be a good place for a Cigarette Break.

These Extraterrestrials know the Human Body well enough that they know we needed Oxygen and the Atmospheric Pressure of Earth to Survive when they Transported us to a Different Dimension and Forward through Time as part of their Scientific Research; they harmed no one.

The Experience was like reading the newspaper in your living room, getting up and going to the kitchen for a Drink of water and then returning to reading your newspaper: there were “NO” Flashing Lights, “NO” Theremin music or other Hollywood Sound Effects, “NO” Lightening Bolts or Electrical Current, “NO” Spinning in a Circle or Transporting like on Star Trek; there were “NO” Hollywood Special Effects at all.

What Angered the U.S. Army was: that someone was taking Its’ Soldiers out from under their noses and they did “not” know how they were doing it. Extraterrestrials are so far advanced over Humans that trying to Think about what they can do and what they know is the conceitedness of low IQ Humans.

And now the Physical Evidence for you that I am the U.S. Federal Agent I say I am: in 2017 I filed a Federal Lawsuit against President Trump at the U.S. District Court Western District of Washington case no. 17-CV-0223 where I identify myself as the U.S. Federal Agent I am and “was not” Arrested for Impersonating a U.S. Federal Agent. [You can look the case up on the U.S. Federal Courts website] Some of the media Censorship People claim that just because I Testified for the U.S. Federal Court that I am a U.S. Federal Agent and did “not” get Arrested for Impersonating a Federal Agent did “not” mean that I am a Federal Agent; can you Believe them? Well, do you think that you can Break the media Censorship of my Information perhaps you know of a media outlet or show that would be interested in this and other information I have been trying to get to the American People for their Benefit.

Thank you United States Defense Department Intelligence Investigative Office Supervisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Timothy S. McNiven