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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/8/2020 19:22 (Entered as : 9/8/20 19:22)
Reported: 9/8/2020 4:48:48 PM 16:48
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Apucarana (Brazil),
Shape: Circle
Duration: a minute
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color
Bright white circle object far as a star moving, dimmed lights moved fast and vanished

Looked up in the sky, saw what it seemed to be a normal star, bright and white blinking and moving across the sky not in a line how a plane or normal craft does, it was as far as a normal star in the dark sky, Then it stopped moving and the light dimmed but it could still be seen, suddenly it went like in a space of 2 fingers almost instantly downwards, and it vanished I recorded it, first few seconds its blurry as i was trying to focus then i put my arm on the car roof so stoped shaking and focused.