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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/2020 23:30 (Entered as : 06/30/2020 23:30)
Reported: 8/24/2020 11:52:41 AM 11:52
Posted: 8/27/2020
Location: Monroe City, MO
Shape: Sphere
Duration: 60-90 seconds
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
On June 30th, 2020 at approximately 11:30pm I walked out onto my back deck, checking to make sure everything was inside before going to bed. As I walked out the door, a bright orange glowing object to my west immediately caught my attention. It was just hovering in place. Almost as if we were staring at each other for a moment. It was close enough I could see a sphere shaped object, with a very bright orange glow emerging from it. I heard no engine, no noise whatsoever ever. It was as quiet as the night sky can be. My husband and I live in a small rule town with no traffic, and very secluded.

I was so caught off guard and could not believe what I was looking at. It was nothing I had ever seen before. I stared at this for probably 15-20 seconds. As I continued to stare I called out my husbandís name at least 3-4 times, getting louder each time. Once I started to scream for my husband, this object starts to move north in a very slow speed. As itís moving it appeared to be getting smaller. It moved slowly between my house and our neighbors house, making its way out into the front of my house. Once it made its way to the front of my house , it immediately, in unexplainable speed, with what appeared to be in a very precision like maneuver, shot straight down, turning around, in like a dive and curve back upwards motion and then shoots back up, disappearing into the East sky. My husband never heard me yelling his name, and he was out side under our deck putting tools away.

After the initial shock of seeing this orange glowing sphere like object in my back yard, I then grabbed my phone to try and get a video. By the time I got my phone and my video camera on, it had just made its way to the front of my house. It was so dark outside, and this object now seems more like an orange dot, I managed to get a video and a picture. The video shows a orange dot, popping out of site, and then back insight again. You can see it turn and make its way back up and disappearing to the East. I had to play it back in slow motion and zoomed in. When doing that you can actually see this objects shape as itís maneuvering very fast.

I canít stop wondering what this could have been. I even go back outside periodically, around the same time of night in hopes to see it again. I have not yet seen it again. .